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Other Topics Submissions - 2004

March 2004

Multi-Criteria Optimization
An Efficient Interior-Point Method for Convex Multicriteria Optimization Problems
Joerg Fliege

A moment approach to analyze zeros of triangular polynomial sets
Jean B. Lasserre

August 2004

Dynamic Programming
Aggregation in Stochastic Dynamic Programming
Theodore Lambert, Marina Epelman, Robert L. Smith

Game Theory
A fictitious play approach to large-scale optimization
Theodore Lambert, Marina A. Epelman, Robert L. Smith

September 2004

Optimization of Simulated Systems
Optimizing Call Center Staffing using Simulation and Analytic Center Cutting Plane Methods
Julius Atlason, Marina Epelman, Shane Henderson

Game Theory
The Core of Network Problems with Quotas
Somdeb Lahiri

Linear inequalities among graph invariants: using GraPHedron to uncover optimal relationships
Julie Christophe, Sophie Dewez, Jean-Paul Doignon, Sourour Elloumi, Gilles Fasbender, Philippe Grégoire, David Huygens, Martine Labbé, Hadrien Mélot, Hande Yaman

October 2004

Multi-Criteria Optimization
An Improved Algorithm for Biobjective Integer Programs
T.K. Ralphs, M.J. Saltzman, M.M. Wiecek

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