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Other Topics Submissions - 2005

March 2005

Dynamic Programming
Generalized Dynamic Programming: A Unified Optimization Framework
Yunpeng Pan, Leyuan Shi

May 2005

Dynamic Programming
Optimal Information Monitoring Under a Politeness Constraint
Jonathan Eckstein, Avigdor Gal, Sarit Reiner

Dynamic Programming
Temporal difference learning with kernels for pricing american-style options
Kengy Barty, Jean-Sebastien Roy, Cyrille Strugarek

September 2005

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A Note on Multiobjective Optimization and Complementarity Constraints
Sven Leyffer

November 2005

Multi-Criteria Optimization
The Efficient Outcome Set of a Bi-criteria Linear Programming and Application
Bach Kim Nguyen Thi, Minh Hue Nguyen Thi, Phan Vu Dao

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