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Other Topics Submissions - 2006

January 2006

Game Theory
Existence of Equilibrium for Integer Allocation Problems
Somdeb Lahiri

Multi-Criteria Optimization
The Effects of Adding Objectives to an Optimization Problem on the Solution Set
Joerg Fliege

July 2006

Game Theory
A Path to the Arrow-Debreu Competitive Market Equilibrium
Yinyu Ye

August 2006

Game Theory
A Note on Exchange Market Equilibria with Leontief's Utility: Freedom of Pricing Leads to Rationality
Yinyu Ye

Game Theory
Fast computation of the leastcore and prenucleolus of cooperative games
J. Frederic Bonnans, Matthieu Andre

September 2006

Efficient Evaluation of Polynomials and Their Partial Derivatives in Homotopy Continuation Methods
Masakazu Kojima

October 2006

Dynamic Programming
A Q-Learning Algorithm with Continuous State Space
Kengy Barty, Pierre Girardeau, Jean-Sebastien Roy, Cyrille Strugarek

Multi-Criteria Optimization
An Adaptive Primal-Dual Warm-Start Technique for Quadratic Multiobjective Optimization
Daniel Molz, Christoph Heermann, Joerg Fliege

November 2006

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A new adaptive algorithm for linear multiobjective programming problems
Sonia Radjef, M.O Bibi, M.S Radjef

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