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Other Topics Submissions - 2007

January 2007

Game Theory
New Bounds on the price of Anarchy for Polynomial Latency Functions without Fixed Costs
Tobias Harks

February 2007

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Multi-objective branch-and-bound. Application to the bi-objective spanning tree problem.
Francis Sourd, Olivier Spanjaard

March 2007

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A novel elitist multiobjective optimization algorithm: multiobjective extremal optimization
Min-Rong Chen, Yong-Zai Lu

A new method for solving linear fractional programming problems
said tantawy

April 2007

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Objective space for multiple objectives linear fractional programming
Said Tantawy, Ragabia Sallam

July 2007

Optimization of Simulated Systems
Optimization for Simulation: LAD Accelerator
Miguel Lejeune, Francois Margot

Game Theory
A gradient-based approach for computing Nash equilibria of large sequential games
Samid Hoda, Andrew Gilpin, Javier Pena

August 2007

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Generating All Efficient Extreme Points in Multiple Objective Linear Programming Problem and Its Application
Bach Kim Nguyen Thi, Tuan Thien Nguyen

Game Theory
Encouraging Cooperation in Sharing Supermodular Costs
Andreas S. Schulz, Nelson Uhan

November 2007

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Comparison Between NSGA-II and MOEA/D on a Set of Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Complicated Pareto Sets
Hui Li, Qingfu Zhang

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