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Other Topics Submissions - 2009

January 2009

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Optimality conditions for several type of efficient solutions of set-valued optimization problems
Xuan Duc Ha Truong

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A Logarithmic-Quadratic Proximal Point Scalarization Method for Multiobjective Programming
Ronaldo Gregório, P R Oliveira

February 2009

Dynamic Programming
Decomposition of large-scale stochastic optimal control problems
Kengy Barty, Pierre Carpentier, Pierre Girardeau

March 2009

Asymptotic expansions for interior penalty solutions of control constrained linear-quadratic problems
Felipe Álvarez, Jèrôme Bolte, J. Frédéric Bonnans, Francisco Silva

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Diso's Problem and Pareto Optimality
S. S. Kutateladze

June 2009

Game Theory
An Inexact PPA-Based Alternating Directions Method For Finding Nash Bargaining Solution of Alternating Offers
Zheng Peng

September 2009

Multi-Criteria Optimization
On the convergence of the projected gradient method for vector optimization
Ellen H. Fukuda, L. M. Graña Drummond

October 2009

Multi-Criteria Optimization
An Interior Proximal Method in Vector Optimization
Kely D Villacorta , Paulo Roberto Oliveira

December 2009

Game Theory
Competitive subset selection with two agents
Gaia Nicosia, Andrea Pacifici, Ulrich Pferschy

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