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Other Topics Submissions - 2011

February 2011

Dynamic Programming
On the Dynamic Stability of Electricity Markets
Victor M. Zavala, Mihai Anitescu

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A Dual Algorithm For Approximating Pareto Sets in Convex Multi-Criteria Optimization
Rasmus Bokrantz, Anders Forsgren

April 2011

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Food Regulated Pareto Multi-Species: a new ACO Approach for the Multi-objective Shortest Path Problem
L. C. T. Bezerra, E. F. G. Goldbarg, L. S. Buriol, M. C. Goldbarg

May 2011

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Optimality conditions of set-valued optimization problem involving relative algebraic interior in ordered linear spaces
Zhou Zhi-Ang , Yang Xin-Min , Peng Jian-Wen

June 2011

Game Theory
A Bilevel Direct Search Method for Leader-Follower Optimization Problems and Applications
Dali Zhang, Gui-Hua Lin

July 2011

Game Theory
Sharing Isn't Easy: On Strategyproof Mechanisms for Sharing the Costs of Linear Programs
Nelson A. Uhan

September 2011

Optimization of Simulated Systems
Simulation Optimization for the Stochastic Economic Lot Scheduling Problem
Nils Loehndorf, Stefan Minner

Game Theory
Welfare-Maximizing Correlated Equilibria using Kantorovich Polynomials with Sparsity
Fook Wai Kong, Berc Rustem

October 2011

Game Theory
A semi-discrete in time approximation for a model first order-finite horizon mean field game problem
F. Camilli, F. J. Silva

Characterization of local quadratic growth for strong minima in the optimal control of semi-linear elliptic equations
Terence BAYEN, J. Frédéric BONNANS, Francisco J. SILVA

Game Theory
A Primal-Dual Algorithm for Computing a Cost Allocation in the Core of Economic Lot-Sizing Games
Mohan Gopaladesikan, Nelson A. Uhan, Jikai Zou

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