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Other Topics Submissions - 2014

January 2014

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A Robust Additive Multiattribute Preference Model using a Nonparametric Shape-Preserving Perturbation
Jian Hu

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Characterization of proper optimal elements with variable ordering structures
Gabriele Eichfelder, Tobias Gerlach

Optimization of Simulated Systems
Distributed Optimization Methods for Large Scale Optimal Control
Attila Kozma

February 2014

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Optimization over the Pareto Outcome set associated with a Convex Bi-Objective Optimization Problem: Theoretical Results, Deterministic Algorithm and Application to the Stochastic case
Henri Bonnel, Julien Collonge

March 2014

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A Scalarization Proximal Point Method for Quasiconvex Multiobjective Minimization
H.C.F. Apolinário, E.A. Papa Quiroz, P. R. Oliveira

April 2014

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Surrogate upper bound sets for bi-objective bi-dimensional binary knapsack problems
Audrey Cerqueus, Anthony Przybylski, Xavier Gandibleux

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Approximating Pareto Curves using Semidefinite Relaxations
Victor Magron, Didier Henrion, Jean-Bernard Lasserer

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Minimal Points, Variational Principles, and Variable Preferences in Set Optimization
Truong Q. Bao, Boris S. Mordukhovich, Antoine Soubeyran

May 2014

Multi-Criteria Optimization
The L-Shape Search Method for Triobjective Integer Programming
Natashia Boland, Hadi Charkhgard, Martin Savelsbergh

Multi-Criteria Optimization
On the effects of combining objectives in multi-objective optimization
Stephan Dempe, Gabriele Eichfelder, Jörg Fliege

June 2014

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A dynamic gradient approach to Pareto optimization with nonsmooth nonconvex objective functions
Hédy Attouch, Guillaume Garrigos, Xavier Goudou

July 2014

Game Theory
Justification of Constrained Game Equilibrium Models
Igor Konnov

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Branch-and-bound for bi-objective optimization
Sophie N. Parragh, Fabien Tricoire

August 2014

A proximal point algorithm for DC fuctions on Hadamard manifolds
J.C.O. Souza, P.R. Oliveira

Game Theory
Computing Efficient Nash Equilibria of a Normal Form Game with Two Players: An Application of Biobjective Mixed Integer Programming
Hadi Charkhgard, Masoud Talebian, Martin Savelsbergh

September 2014

Dynamic Programming
Information Relaxation Bounds for Infinite Horizon Markov Decision Processes
David Brown, Martin Haugh

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A Simple and Efficient Algorithm For Solving Three Objective Integer Programs
Natashia Boland, Hadi Charkhgard, Martin Savelsbergh

November 2014

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A new bottom-up search method for determining all maximal efficient faces in multiple objective linear programming
Van Tu Ta

Dynamic Programming
Simplex Algorithm for Countable-state Discounted Markov Decision Processes
Ilbin Lee, Marina A. Epelman, H. Edwin Romeijn, Robert L. Smith

December 2014

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Set approach for set optimization with variable ordering structures
Gabriele Eichfelder, Maria Pilecka

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