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Other Topics Submissions - 2016

January 2016

Multi-Criteria Optimization
A new algorithm for solving planar multiobjective location problems involving the Manhattan norm
Shaghaf Alzorba, Christian Günther, Nicolae Popovici, Christiane Tammer

March 2016

Optimization of Simulated Systems
On Sampling Rates in Stochastic Recursions
Raghu Pasupathy, Peter Glynn, Soumyadip Ghosh, Fatemeh Hashemi

April 2016

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Bi-objective branch--and--cut algorithms: Applications to the single source capacitated facility location problem
S.L. Gadegaard, M. Ehrgott, L.R. Nielsen

May 2016

Multi-Criteria Optimization
Disjunctive Programming for Multiobjective Discrete Optimisation
Tolga Bektas

June 2016

Multi-Criteria Optimization
On cone based decompositions of proper Pareto optimality
Marlon Braun, Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, Hartmut Schmeck

Multi-Criteria Optimization
The proximal point method for locally Lipschitz functions in multiobjective optimization
G.C. Bento, J.X. Cruz Neto, G. López, A. Soubeyran, J.C. Souza

July 2016

Multi-Criteria Optimization
On the Existence of Ideal Solutions in Multi-objective 0-1 Integer Programs
Natashia Boland, Hadi Charkhgard, Martin Savelsbergh

August 2016

Multi-Criteria Optimization
On a Practical Notion of Geoffrion Proper Optimality in Multicriteria Optimization
Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, Joydeep Dutta, Kalyanmoy Deb, Poonam Kesarwani

October 2016

Dynamic Programming
Relaxation Analysis for the Dynamic Knapsack Problem with Stochastic Item Sizes
Daniel Blado, Alejandro Toriello

November 2016

Dynamic Programming
Fully Polynomial Time (Sigma,Pi)-Approximation Schemes for Continuous Nonlinear Newsvendor and Continuous Stochastic Dynamic Programs
Nir Halman, Giacomo Nannicini

Multi-Criteria Optimization
On the Existence of Pareto Solutions for Semi-algebraic Vector Optimization Problems
Do Sang Kim, Tien Son Pham, Van Tuyen Nguyen

December 2016

Dynamic Programming
Stochastic Primal-Dual Methods and Sample Complexity of Reinforcement Learning
Yichen Chen, Mengdi Wang

Bridging the gap between predictive and prescriptive analytics - new optimization methodology needed
Dick den Hertog, Krzysztof Postek

Understanding Deep Neural Networks with Rectified Linear Units
Raman Arora, Amitabh Basu, Poorya Mianjy, Anirbit Mukherjee

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