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Applications — Science and Engineering Submissions - 2004

January 2004

Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Mixed Integer Non-linear Programming in Process Synthesis
Rongshan Bi, Xia Yang

Mechanical Engineering
On the modeling and control of delamination processes
Michal Kocvara, Jiri V. Outrata

February 2004

Mechanical Engineering
Solving nonconvex SDP problems of structural optimization with stability control
Michal Kocvara, Michael Stingl

April 2004

Biomedical Applications
A randomized heuristic for scene recognition by graph matching
Maria Claudia Boeres, Celso Ribeiro, Isabelle Bloch

Semidefinite descriptions of cones defining spectral mask constraints
Leonid Faybusovich

Mechanical Engineering
Three-dimensional quasi-static frictional contact by using second-order cone linear complementarity problem
Y. Kanno, J.A.C. Martins, A. Pinto da Costa

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
A Local Convergence Analysis of Bilevel Decomposition Algorithms
Angel-Victor DeMiguel, Walter Murray

May 2004

Control Applications
Implementation of Infinite Dimensional Interior Point Method for Solving Multi-criteria Linear-Quadratic Control Problem
L Faybusovich, T Mouktonglang, T Tsuchiya

Biomedical Applications
Inherent smoothness of intensity patterns for intensity modulated radiation therapy generated by simultaneous projection algorithms
Ying Xiao, Darek Michalski, Yair Censor, James M. Galvin

June 2004

Construction project scheduling problem with uncertain resource constraints
Julin He, Zhong-Ping Wan, Tang Guochun

July 2004

Control Applications
Fuzzy Modeling with Adaptive Simulated Annealing
Hime Aguiar e Oliveira Jr.

Constrained optimization in seismic reflection tomography: an SQP augmented Lagrangian approach
F. Delbos, J.Ch. Gilbert, R. Glowinski, D. Sinoquet

August 2004

Mechanical Engineering
Mihai Anitescu

Basic Sciences Applications
Second-order Cone Programming Methods for Total Variation-based Image Restoration
Donald Goldfarb, Wotao Yin

October 2004

Optimal distance separating halfspace
Frank Plastria , Emilio Carrizosa

Optimal expected-distance separating halfspace
Emilio Carrizosa, Frank Plastria

November 2004

Optimal Nodal Control of Networked Hyperbolic Systems: Evaluation of Derivatives
Martin Gugat

Basic Sciences Applications
The Design and Implementation of a Generic Sparse Bundle Adjustment Software Package Based on the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
Manolis Lourakis, Antonis Argyros

A Mixed-Integer Programming Approach to Multi-Class Data Classification Problem
Fadime Uney, Metin Turkay

December 2004

A Tabu Search Algorithm for Partitioning
Javier Trejos, Eduardo Piza, Alex Murillo

Mechanical Engineering
Computational experience with an interior point algorithm for large scale contact problems
G. Tanoh, Y. Renard, D. Noll

Biomedical Applications
Continuous optimization of beamlet intensities for photon and proton radiotherapy
R. Reemtsen, M. Alber

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