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Applications — Science and Engineering Submissions - 2005

January 2005

Optimization of Systems modeled by PDEs
Optimization of discrete control systems with varying structure
Stephan Dempe, Shahlar F. Maharramov

March 2005

Experimental Datasets from Chemical Thermodynamics
Evgenii Rudnyi

April 2005

Approximating K-means-type clustering via semidefinite programming
Jiming Peng, Yu Wei

May 2005

A Framework for Kernel Regularization with Applications to Protein Clustering
Fan Lu, Sunduz Keles, Stephen J. Wright, Grace Wahba

Regularization Using a Parameterized Trust Region Subproblem
Oleg Grodzevich, Henry Wolkowicz

June 2005

Clustering via Minimum Volume Ellipsoids
Romy Shioda, Levent Tuncel

Biomedical Applications
Iterative regularization in intensity-modulated radiation therapy optimization
Fredrik Carlsson, Anders Forsgren

Biomedical Applications
Phylogenetic Analysis Via DC Programming
Steven Ellis, Madhu Nayakkankuppam

July 2005

Basic Sciences Applications
Solving a Quantum Chemistry problem with Deterministic Global Optimization
Carlile Lavor, Leo Liberti, Nelson Maculan, Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento

September 2005

Blind Source Separation using Relative Newton Method combined with Smoothing Method of Multipliers
Michael Zibulevsky

Support Vector Machine via Sequential Subspace Optimization
Guy Narkiss, Michael Zibulevsky

October 2005

Control Applications
Efficient Robust Optimization for Robust Control with Constraints
PJ Goulart, EC Kerrigan, D Ralph

Control Applications
On Time-Invariant Purified-Output-Based Discrete Time Control
Aharon Ben-Tal, Stephen Boyd, Arkadi Nemirovski

November 2005

A Semidefinite Programming Approach to the Steady-State Analysis of Queueing Systems
Dimitris Bertsimas, Karthik Natarajan

December 2005

The Application of an Oblique-Projected Landweber Method to a Model of Supervised Learning
Bjorn Johansson, Tommy Elfving, Vladimir Kozlov, Yair Censor, Per-Erik Forssen, Gosta Granlund

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Optimization of Flexural capacity of Reinforced fibrous Concrete Beams Using Genetic Algorithm
D Suji, S.C Natesan, R Murugesan

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