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Applications — Science and Engineering Submissions - 2010

January 2010

A Pure L1-norm Principal Component Analysis
J.P. Brooks, J.H. Dula, E.L. Boone

Basic Sciences Applications
On Low Rank Matrix Approximations with Applications to Synthesis Problem in Compressed Sensing
Anatoli Juditsky, Fatma Kilinc Karzan, Arkadi Nemirovski

March 2010

Control Applications
Victor M Zavala , Jianhui Wang, Emil M. Constantinescu, Sven Leyffer, Mihai Anitescu, Guenter Conzelmann

Facility Planning and Design
Locating a competitive facility in the plane with a robustness criterion
R. Blanquero, E. Carrizosa, E.M.T. Hendrix

Basic Sciences Applications
Economic Impacts of Advanced Weather Forecasting on Energy System Operations
Victor M. Zavala, Emil M. Constantinescu, Mihai Anitescu

Optimization of Systems modeled by PDEs
A Newton-Picard approach for efficient numerical solution of time-periodic parabolic PDE constrained optimization problems
A. Potschka, M.S. Mommer, J.P. Schlöder, H.G. Bock

Two Stage Stochastic Programming Involving CVaR with an Application to Disaster Management
Nilay Noyan

Control Applications
Lipschitz solutions of optimal control problems with state constraints of arbitrary order
Joseph Frédéric Bonnans

April 2010

Biomedical Applications
Prediction Range Estimation from Noisy Raman Spectra
Lyandres Olga , Richard Van Duyne, Joseph Walsh, Matthew Glucksberg, Sanjay Mehrotra

Control Applications
Achieving Higher Frequencies in Large-Scale Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Victor M Zavala, Mihai Anitescu

May 2010

Mechanical Engineering
Truss topology design with integer variables made easy
Michal Kocvara

Control Applications
An Efficient Method to Estimate the Suboptimality of Affine Controllers
Michael J. Hadjiyiannis, Paul J. Goulart, Daniel Kuhn

July 2010

A Global Optimization point of view for non-standard packing problems
giorgio fasano

3D sensor placement optimization: a Mathematical Programming approach
Giorgio Fasano

August 2010

Biomedical Applications
MultiRTA: A simple yet accurate method for predicting peptide binding affinities for multiple class II MHC allotypes
A.J. Bordner, H.D. Mittelmann

September 2010

Exploiting empty spaces of a partially loaded container by adding virtual items
Giorgio Fasano, Maria Chiara Vola

Minimax optimization for handling range and setup uncertainties in proton therapy
Albin Fredriksson, Anders Forsgren, Björn Hårdemark

Non-linear approximations for solving 3D-packing MIP models: a heuristic approach
Giorgio Fasano

October 2010

Mechanical Engineering
Minimum wight Topology optimization subject to unsteady heat equation and space-time pointwise constraints -- toward automatic optimal riser design in the shape casting process
Rouhollah Tavakoli

Biomedical Applications
Total variation superiorization schemes in proton computed tomography image reconstruction
S.N. Penfold, R.W. Schulte, Y. Censor, A.B. Rosenfeld

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Quest for the control on the second order derivatives: topology optimization with functional includes the state's curvature
Rouhollah Tavakoli

Accuracy guarantees for ℓ1-recovery
Anatoli Juditsky, Fatma Kilinc Karzan, Arkadi Nemirovskili

November 2010

Basic Sciences Applications
Optimizing the Layout of Proportional Symbol Maps
Guilherme Kunigami, Pedro J. de Rezende, Cid C. de Souza, Tallys H. Yunes

Basic Sciences Applications
A quasi-Newton projection method for nonnegatively constrained image deblurring
elena loli piccolomini, germana landi

December 2010

Basic Sciences Applications
Numerical estimation of the relative entropy of entanglement
Yuriy Zinchenko, Shmuel Friedland, Gilad Gour

On Computation of Performance Bounds of Optimal Index Assignment
X. Wu, H. D. Mittelmann, X. Wang, J. Wang

VLSI layout
Global Routing in VLSI Design: Algorithms, Theory, and Computational Practice
Antoine Deza, Chris Dickson, Tamas Terlaky, Anthony Vannelli, Hu Zhang

Optimization of Systems modeled by PDEs
Preconditioning and Globalizing Conjugate Gradients in Dual Space for Quadratically Penalized Nonlinear-Least Squares Problems
Serge Gratton, Selime Gurol, Philippe L. Toint

Control Applications
Optimal adaptive control of cascading power grid failures
Daniel Bienstock

Identifying optimal conditions for alloy and process design using thermodynamic and properties databases, the FactSage software and the Mesh Adaptive Direct Search (MADS) algorithm
Aimen E. Gheribi, Arthur D. Pelton, Charles Audet, Sébastien Le Digabel

Identifying Local Minima in the Liquidus Surface Using the FactSage Software and the Mesh Adaptive Direct Search (MADS) Algorithm
Aimen E. Gheribi, Christian Robelin, Sébastien Le Digabel, Charles Audet, Arthur D. Pelton

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Structural optimization of the Ziegler's pendulum: singularities and exact optimal solutions
Oleg N. Kirillov

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