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Applications — Science and Engineering Submissions - 2012

January 2012

Basic Sciences Applications
On the Relation of the Principle of Maximum Dissipation to the Principle of Gauss
Kerim Yunt

Facility Planning and Design
Tabu search for the single row facility layout problem using exhaustive 2-opt and insertion neighborhoods
Ravi Kothari, Diptesh Ghosh

Facility Planning and Design
Insertion based Lin-Kernighan heuristic for single row facility layout
Ravi Kothari, Diptesh Ghosh

Control Applications
Stability of Multiobjective Predictive Control: An Utopia-Tracking Approach
Victor M Zavala, Antonio Flores-Tlacuahuac

Interior Point Methods for Optimal Experimental Designs
Zhaosong Lu, Ting Kei Pong

February 2012

Constraint Reduction with Exact Penalization for Model-Predictive Rotorcraft Control
Meiyun Y. He, Andre L. Tits, Aaron L.i Greenfield, Vineet Sahasrabudhe

Biomedical Applications
A Fast Algorithm for Constructing Efficient Event-Related fMRI Designs
Ming-Hung Kao, Hans D Mittelmann

Control Applications
Sensitivity analysis for the outages of nuclear power plants
Kengy Barty, J. FrÚdÚric Bonnans, Laurent Pfeiffer

Facility Planning and Design
A competitive genetic algorithm for single row facility layout
Ravi Kothari, Diptesh Ghosh

Sparse/Robust Estimation and Kalman Smoothing with Nonsmooth Log-Concave Densities: Modeling, Computation, and Theory
Aleksandr Aravkin, James Burke, Gianluigi Pillonetto

March 2012

MILP formulation of islanding of power networks
Paul Trodden, Waqquas Bukhsh, Andreas Grothey, Ken McKinnon

Control Applications
Approximate Maximum Principle for Discrete Approximations of Optimal Control Systems with Nonsmooth Objectives and Endpoint Constraints
Boris Mordukhovich, Ilya Shvartsman

April 2012

Control Applications
Linear System Identification via Atomic Norm Regularization
Parikshit Shah, Badri Bhaskar, Gonnguo Tang, Benjamin Recht

pcaL1: An implementation in R of three methods for L1-norm principal component analysis
J. Paul Brooks, Sapan Jot

May 2012

A discrete L-curve for the regularization of ill-posed inverse problems
Germana Landi

Control Applications
Optimal synthesis in the Reeds and Shepp problem with a onesided variation of velocity
Andrey Dmitruk, Ivan Samylovskiy

June 2012

Automated improvement of radiation therapy treatment plans by optimization under reference dose constraints
Albin Fredriksson

A new Search via Probability Algorithm for solving Engineering Optimization Problems
Nguyen Huu Thong

Matheuristics for $\Psi$-Learning
Emilio Carrizosa, Amaya Nogales-G├│mez, Dolores Romero Morales

July 2012

Basic Sciences Applications
Effective Strategies to Teach Operations Research to Non-Mathematics Majors
Somayeh Moazeni

August 2012

Biomedical Applications
Treatment Planning Optimization for Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT): Heuristic Approaches
Kerem Akartunali, Vicky Mak-Hau

Fast and Robust Recursive Algorithms for Separable Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Nicolas Gillis, Stephen A. Vavasis

Learning Circulant Sensing Kernels
Yangyang Xu, Wotao Yin, Stanley Osher

Matrix-free Interior Point Method for Compressed Sensing Problems
Kimon Fountoulakis, Jacek Gondzio, Pavel Zhlobich

Hankel Matrix Rank Minimization with Applications to System Identification and Realization
Maryam Fazel, Ting Kei Pong, Defeng Sun, Paul Tseng

Mechanical Engineering
Note: Optimal non-homogeneous composites for dynamic loading revisited
Rouhollah Tavakoli

September 2012

Basic Sciences Applications
Linearizing the Method of Conjugate Gradients
Serge Gratton, David Titley-Peloquin, Philippe Toint, Jean Tshimanga Ilunga

Optimization of Systems modeled by PDEs
Conjugate-gradients versus multigrid solvers for diffusion-based correlation models in data assimilation
Serge Gratton, Philippe Toint, Jean Tshimanga Ilunga

Basic Sciences Applications
On RIC bounds of Compressed Sensing Matrices for Approximating Sparse Solutions Using Lq Quasi Norms
Hsia Yong, Sheu Ruey-Lin

Variable Neighborhood Search for parameter tuning in Support Vector Machines
Emilio Carrizosa, Mart├şn-Barrag├ín Bel├ęn, Romero Morales Dolores

October 2012

Chemical Engineering
Valid Inequalities Based on Demand Propagation for Chemical Production Scheduling MIP Models
Sara Velez, Arul Sundaramoorthy, Christos Maravelias

Control Applications
Complexity of Ten Decision Problems in Continuous Time Dynamical Systems
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Anirudha Majumdar, Russ Tedrake

November 2012

Mechanical Engineering
Mixed-Integer Linear Methods for Layout-Optimization of Screening Systems in Recovered Paper Production
Armin F├╝genschuh, Christine Hayn, Dennis Michaels

Robustness Analysis of HottTopixx, a Linear Programming Model for Factoring Nonnegative Matrices
Nicolas Gillis

Validation of Nominations in Gas Network Optimization: Models, Methods, and Solutions
Marc Pfetsch, Armin F├╝genschuh, Bj├Ârn Gei├čler, Nina Gei├čler, Ralf Gollmer, Benjamin Hiller, Jesco Humpola, Thorsten Koch, Thomas Lehmann, Alexander Martin, Antonio Morsi, Jessica R├Âvekamp, Lars Schewe, Martin Schmidt, R├╝diger Schultz, Robert Schwarz, Jonas Schweiger, Claudia Stangl, Marc Steinbach, Stefan Vigerske, Bernhard Willert

December 2012

Stochastic Network Design for Disaster Preparedness
Xing Hong, Miguel A. Lejeune, Nilay Noyan

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