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Applications — Science and Engineering Submissions - 2015

January 2015

Stochastic Real-Time Scheduling of Wind-thermal Generation Units in an Electric Utility
Alireza Soroudi, abbas rabiee, andrew keane

Computationally Efficient Approach for the Minimization of Mass Constrained Vector-Valued Ginzburg-Landau Energy Functional
Rouhollah Tavakoli

Basic Sciences Applications
A Parallel Evolution Strategy for an Earth Imaging Problem in Geophysics
Y. Diouane, S. Gratton, X. Vasseur, L. N. Vicente, H. Calandra

An optimization-based method for feature ranking in nonlinear regression problems
Luca Bravi , Veronica Piccialli, Marco Sciandrone

Basic Sciences Applications
A new step size rule in Yan et al.'s self-adaptive projection method
Gao Bin

February 2015

Exact solutions to Super Resolution on semi-algebraic domains in higher dimensions
Yohann de Castro, Fabrice Gamboa, Didier Henrion, Jean-Bernard Lasserre

Control Applications
Nonsmooth Methods for Control Design with Integral Quadratic Constraints
Pierre Apkarian, Dominikus Noll, Olivier Prot

Computational Optimization of Gas Compressor Stations: MINLP Models vs. Continuous Reformulations
Daniel Rose, Martin Schmidt, Marc C. Steinbach, Bernhard M. Willert

March 2015

Successive Rank-One Approximations of Nearly Orthogonally Decomposable Symmetric Tensors
Cun Mu, Daniel Hsu, Donald Goldfarb

Mechanical Engineering
Calibration by Optimization Without Using Derivatives
Markus Lazar, Florian Jarre

Discrete optimization methods to fit piecewise-affine models to data points
Edoardo Amaldi, Stefano Coniglio, Leonardo Taccari

Real-Time Dispatchability of Bulk Power Systems with Volatile Renewable Generations
Wei Wei , Feng Liu, Shengwei Mei

Optimization of Multiple Receivers Solar Power Tower systems
Emilio Carrizosa, Carmen-Ana Domínguez-Bravo, Enrique Fernández-Cara, Manuel Quero

New Improved Penalty Methods for Sparse Reconstruction Based on Difference of Two Norms
Yingnan Wang

April 2015

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sparse optimization for inverse problems in atmospheric modelling
Lukas Adam, Martin Branda

Basic Sciences Applications
A proximal gradient method for ensemble density functional theory
Michael Ulbrich, Zaiwen Wen, Chao Yang, Dennis Klöckner, Zhaosong Lu

Strong SOCP Relaxations for Optimal Power Flow
Burak Kocuk, Santanu S. Dey, X. Andy Sun

May 2015

A New Perspective on Boosting in Linear Regression via Subgradient Optimization and Relatives
Robert M. Freund, Paul Grigas, Rahul Mazumder

June 2015

VLSI layout
Minimum cost Layout Decomposition and Legalization for Triple Patterning Lithography
Wenxing Zhu, Xingquan Li, Ziran Zhu

A Stochastic Optimization Model for Designing Last Mile Relief Networks
Nilay Noyan, Burcu Balcik, Semih Atakan

A Distributionally-robust Approach for Finding Support Vector Machines
Changhyeok Lee, Sanjay Mehrotra

July 2015

Unconditionally energy stable time stepping scheme for Cahn-Morral equation: application to multi-component spinodal decomposition and optimal space tiling
Rouhollah Tavakoli

Optimal design of multiphase composites under elastodynamic loading
Rouhollah Tavakoli

August 2015

Thermal Optimization of the Continuous Casting Process using Distributed Parameter Identification Approach -- Controlling the Curvature of Solid-Liquid Interface
Rouhollah Tavakoli

Optimization of Systems modeled by PDEs
On Theoretical and Numerical Aspects of the Shape Sensitivity Analysis for the 3D Time-dependent Maxwell's Equations
Stephan Schmidt, Maria Schütte, Andrea Walther

September 2015

Optimization of Systems modeled by PDEs
A basis-free null space method for solving generalized saddle point problems
Douglas Mendes, Maria A. Diniz-Ehrhardt, Lucas G. Pedroso

Construction of IMEX DIMSIMs of high order and stage order
Z. Jackiewicz, H.D. Mittelmann

Quantitative recovery conditions for tree-based compressed sensing
Coralia Cartis, Andrew Thompson

October 2015

Robust Markov Decision Processes for Medical Treatment Decisions
Yuanhui Zhang, Brian T. Denton

New Formulation and Strong MISOCP Relaxations for AC Optimal Transmission Switching Problem
Burak Kocuk, Santanu S. Dey, X. Andy Sun

High Throughput Computing for Massive Scenario Analysis and Optimization to Minimize Cascading Blackout Risk
Eric Anderson, Jeff Linderoth

Biomedical Applications
Techniques in Iterative Proton CT Image Reconstruction
Scott Penfold, Yair Censor

A robust optimization model for the risk averse reservoir management problem
Charles Gauvin, Erick Delage, Michel Gendreau

Facility Planning and Design
New Exact Approaches to Row Layout Problems
Anja Fischer, Frank Fischer, Philipp Hungerländer

Modulation Design for Two-Way Amplify-and-Forward Relay HARQ
Wenhao Wu, Hans Mittelmann, Zhi Ding

November 2015

Facility Planning and Design
A Benders Decomposition Approach for the Green Charging Station Location Problem
Okan Arslan, Oya Ekin Karasan

Blessing of Massive Scale: Spatial Graphical Model Estimation with a Total Cardinality Constraint
Ethan Fang, Han Liu, Mengdi Wang

GasLib - A Library of Gas Network Instances
Jesco Humpola, Imke Joormann, Djamal Oucherif, Marc E. Pfetsch, Lars Schewe, Martin Schmidt, Robert Schwarz

December 2015

Matrix rank/inertia formulas for least-squares solutions with statistical applications
Tian Yongge, Bo Jiang

A general prediction analysis to linear random-effects models with restrictions and new observations
Tian Yongge

Biomedical Applications
Robust optimization of dose-volume metrics for prostate HDR-brachytherapy incorporating target delineation uncertainties
Marleen Balvert, Dick Den Hertog, Aswin Hoffmann

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