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Applications — Science and Engineering Submissions - 2018

December 2018

Smart "Predict, then Optimize"
Adam N. Elmachtoub, Paul Grigas

January 2018

Control Applications
Combining Multi-Level Real-time Iterations of Nonlinear Model Predictive Control to Realize Squatting Motions on Leo
Manuel Kudruss, Ivan Koryakovskiy, Heike Vallery, Katja Mombaur, Christian Kirches

February 2018

Optimization of Systems modeled by PDEs
A Decision Tool based on a Multi-Objective Methodology for designing High-Pressure Thermal Treatments in Food Industry
Miriam R. Ferrández, Juani L. Redondo, Benjamin Ivorra, Ángel M. Ramos, Pilar M. Ortigosa

Smart Grids
Optimal Black Start Allocation for Power System Restoration
Georgios Patsakis, Deepak Rajan, Jennifer Rios

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maria Girardi, Cristina Padovani, Daniele Pellegrini, Margherita Porcelli, Laonardo Robol

Smart Grids
An optimization model for electricity usage in smart homes
Michael David de Souza Dutra, Miguel F. Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

Radar Waveform Optimization for Cooperative Radar-Communications Receiver
Alex R. Chiriyath, Shankarachary Ragi, Hans D Mittelmann, Daniel W. Bliss

March 2018

Control Applications
On Algebraic Proofs of Stability for Homogeneous Vector Fields
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Bachir El Khadir

Control Applications
SOS-Convex Lyapunov Functions and Stability of Difference Inclusions
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Raphael Jungers

Biomedical Applications
An Improved Method of Total Variation Superiorization Applied to Reconstruction in Proton Computed Tomography
Blake Schultze, Yair Censor, Paniz Karbasi, Keith E. Schubert, Reinhard W. Schulte

MIQP-Based Algorithm for the Global Solution of Economic Dispatch Problems with Valve-Point Effects
P.-A. Absil, Benoît Sluysmans, Nicolas Stevens

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Data-DrivenWater Allocation under Climate Uncertainty: A Distributionally Robust Approach
David Love, Jangho Park, Guzin Bayraksan

Control Applications
A Globally Asymptotically Stable Polynomial Vector Field with Rational Coefficients and no Local Polynomial Lyapunov Function
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Bachir El Khadir

Robust Principal Component Analysis using Facial Reduction
Shiqian Ma, Fei Wang, Linchuan Wei, Henry Wolkowicz

April 2018

Optimization of Systems modeled by PDEs
Moments and convex optimization for analysis and control of nonlinear partial differential equations
Milan Korda, Didier Henrion, Jean Bernard Lasserre

May 2018

The Synthesis Problem of Decentralized Energy Systems is strongly NP-hard
Sebastian Goderbauer, Martin Comis, Felix J. L. Willamowski

Smart Grids
A Fully Distributed Dual Consensus ADMM Based on Partition for DC-OPF with Carbon Emission Trading
Yang L.F, Luo J.Y., Xu Y., Zhang Z.R., Dong Z.Y.

June 2018

The CCP Selector: Scalable Algorithms for Sparse Ridge Regression from Chance-Constrained Programming
Weijun Xie, Xinwei Deng

Solution for short-term hydrothermal scheduling with a logarithmic size MILP formulation
Jinbao Jian, Shanshan Pan, Linfeng Yang

Correlation analysis between the vibroacoustic behavior of steering gear and ball nut assemblies in the automotive industry
Paul Alexandru Bucur, Klaus Frick, Philipp Hungerländer

July 2018

Predicting the vibroacoustic quality of steering gears
Paul Alexandru Bucur, Klaus Frick, Philipp Hungerländer

Smart Grids
A robust bi-objective optimization approach for operating a shared energy storage under price uncertainty
Rui Dai, Hadi Charkhgard, Fabian Rigterink

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Resilience assessment for interdependent urban infrastructure systems using dynamic network flow models
Nils Goldbeck, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Washington Ochieng

ACQUIRE: an inexact iteratively reweighted norm approach for TV-based Poisson image restoration
Daniela di Serafino, Germana Landi, Marco Viola

August 2018

Proactive Operations and Investment Planning via Stochastic Optimization to Enhance Power Systems Extreme Weather Resilience
Michael Bynum, Andrea Staid, Bryan Arguello, Anya Castillo, Jean-Paul Watson, Carl Larid

September 2018

Quality classification methods for ball nut assemblies in a multi-view setting
Paul Alexandru Bucur, Klaus Frick, Philipp Hungerländer

Clustering methods to find representative periods for the optimization of energy systems: an initial framework and comparison
Holger Teichgraeber, Adam Brandt

Structural Properties of Feasible Bookings in the European Entry-Exit Gas Market System
Lars Schewe, Martin Schmidt, Johannes Thürauf

October 2018

Global Convergence in Deep Learning with Variable Splitting via the Kurdyka-{\L}ojasiewicz Property
J Zeng, S Ouyang, T Lau, S Lin, Y Yuan

On tradeoffs between treatment time and plan quality of volumetric-modulated arc therapy with sliding-window delivery
Lovisa Engberg, Anders Forsgren

Data-Driven Maintenance and Operations Scheduling in Power Systems under Decision-Dependent Uncertainty
Beste Basciftci, Shabbir Ahmed, Nagi Gebraeel

Smart Grids
Towards Resilient Operation of Multi-Microgrids: An MISOCP-Based Frequency-Constrained Approach
Amin Gholami, Xu Andy Sun

November 2018

Nonmonotonicity and Quasiconvexity on Equilibrium Problems
Lennin Lennin Mallma R

A Unified Framework for Sparse Relaxed Regularized Regression: SR3
Peng Zheng, Travis Askham, Steve Brunton, Nathan Kutz, Aleksandr Aravkin

December 2018

Energy and Reserve Dispatch with Distributionally Robust Joint Chance Constraints
Christos Ordoudis, Viet Anh Nguyen, Daniel Kuhn, Pierre Pinson

Group sparse recovery in impulsive noise via alternating direction method of multipliers
Jianwen Huang, Feng Zhang, Jianjun Wang, Wendong Wang

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