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Applications — Science and Engineering Submissions - 2019

January 2019

Smart Grids
Pricing in Multi-Interval Real-Time Markets
Bowen Hua, Dane Schiro, Tongxin Zheng, Ross Baldick, Eugene Litvinov

Approximating L1-Norm Best-Fit Lines
JP Brooks, JH Dulá

A fully mixed-integer linear programming formulation for economic dispatch with valve-point effects, transmission loss and prohibited operating zones
Shanshan Pan, Jinbao Jian, Huangyue Chen, Linfeng Yang

Best Subset Selection via Cross-validation Criterion
Yuichi Takano , Ryuhei Miyashiro

Smart Grids
A general framework for customized transition to smart homes
Michael David De Souza Dutra, Miguel F. Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

February 2019

A study of rank-one sets with linear side constraints and application to the pooling problem
Santanu S. Dey, Burak Kocuk, Asteroide Santana

Non-asymptotic Results for Langevin Monte Carlo: Coordinate-wise and Black-box Sampling
Lingqing Shen, Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Saeed Ghadimi

Smart Grids
A scalable mixed-integer decomposition approach for optimal power system restoration
Ignacio Aravena, Deepak Rajan, Georgios Patsakis, Shmuel Oren, Jennifer Rios

Optimal Residential Battery Storage Operations Using Robust Data-driven Dynamic Programming
Nan Zhang, Benjamin Leibowicz, Grani Hanasusanto

Recovery of a mixture of Gaussians by sum-of-norms clustering
Tao Jiang, Stephen Vavasis, Chen Wen Zhai

Smart Grids
A Framework for Peak Shaving Through the Coordination of Smart Homes
Michael David De Souza Dutra, Miguel F. Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

March 2019

Generation of Optimal Walking-Like Motions Using Dynamic Models with Switches, Switch Costs, and State Jumps
Christian Kirches , Ekaterina Kostina, Andreas Meyer, Matthias Schlöder

Control Applications
Efficient Derivative Evaluation for Rigid-body Dynamics based on Recursive Algorithms subject to Kinematic and Loop Constraints
Manuel Kudruss, Paul Manns, Christian Kirches

An Alternating Manifold Proximal Gradient Method for Sparse PCA and Sparse CCA
Shixiang Chen, Shiqian Ma, Lingzhou Xue, Hui Zou

April 2019

Discrete Optimization Methods for Group Model Selection in Compressed Sensing
Bubacarr Bah, Jannis Kurtz, Oliver Schaudt

An analysis of noise folding for low-rank matrix recovery
Jianwen Huang, Jianjun Wang, Feng Zhang, Hailin Wang, Wendong Wang

May 2019

A cross-validation subset selection for sparse regression
Dennis Kreber

Using interior point solvers for optimizing progressive lens models with spherical coordinates
Glòria Casanellas, Jordi Castro

Control Applications
Multiphase Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimal Control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Nicolò Robuschi, clemens Zeile, Sebastian Sager, Francesco Braghin, Federico Cheli

June 2019

Facility Planning and Design
Decorous Combinatorial Lower Bounds for Row Layout Problems
Mirko Dahlbeck, Anja Fischer, Frank Fischer

July 2019

Smart Grids
Optimal Aggregated Peak Shaving Via Residential Demand Response: A Framework for Retailers
Michael David De Souza Dutra, Natalia Alguacil Conde

Smart Grids
A Center-Point Algorithm for Unit Commitment with Carbon Emission Trading
Linfeng Yang, Wei Li, Guo Chen, Beihua Fang, Chunming Tang, Zhaoyang Dong

August 2019

Competing Objective Optimization in Networked Swarm Systems
Shankarachary Ragi, Shawon Dey, Azam Md Ali, Hans D. Mittelmann

Computing Estimators of Dantzig Selector type via Column and Constraint Generation
Rahul Mazumder, Stephen J Wright, Andrew Zheng

September 2019

Basic Sciences Applications
An algorithm for optimization with disjoint linear constraints and its application for predicting rain
Tijana Janjic, Yvonne Ruckstuhl, Philippe L. Toint

Distance geometry and data science
Leo Liberti

MILP Models for Complex System Reliability Redundancy Allocation with Mixed Components
Young Woong Park

October 2019

Operations Planning Experiments for Power Systems with High Renewable Resources
Semih Atakan, Harsha Gangammanavar, Suvrajeet Sen

Nonlinear Optimization of District Heating Networks
Richard Krug, Volker Mehrmann, Martin Schmidt

Stochastic Discrete First-order Algorithm for Feature Subset Selection
Kota Kudo, Yuichi Takano, Ryo Nomura

Stochastic DC Optimal Power Flow With Reserve Saturation
Rohit Kannan, James Luedtke, Line Roald

Biomedical Applications
Expert-Enhanced Machine Learning for Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification
Sebastian Sager, Felix Bernhardt, Florian Kehrle, Maximilian Merkert, Andreas Potschka, Benjamin Meder, Hugo Katus, Eberhard Scholz

Control Applications
Experimental operation of a solar-driven climate system with thermal energy storages using mixed-integer nonlinear MPC
Adrian Bürger, Daniel Bull, Parantapa Sawant, Markus Bohlayer, Andreas Klotz, Daniel Beschütz, Angelika Altmann-Dieses, Marco Braun, Moritz Diehl

Spectral Gap Optimization of Divergence Type Diffusion Operators
Shiba Biswal, Karthik Elamvazhuthi, Hans D Mittelmann, Spring Berman

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Query Batching Optimization in Database Systems
Mehrad Eslami, Vahid Mahmoodian, Iman Dayarian, Hadi Charkhgard, Yicheng Tu

On the Cluster-aware Supervised Learning (CluSL): Frameworks, Convergent Algorithms, and Applications
Shutong Chen, Weijun Xie

November 2019

Mechanical Engineering
Optimization and Validation of Pumping System Design and Operation for Water Supply in High-Rise Buildings
Tim M. Müller, Philipp Leise, Imke-Sophie Lorenz, Lena C. Altherr, Peter F. Pelz

Transmission Switching under Uncertain Wind using Linear Decision Rules
Yuqi Zhou, Hao Zhu, Grani Hanasusanto

Smart Grids
Optimal time-and-level-of-use price setting for an energy retailer
Miguel F. Anjos, Luce Brotcorne, Juan A. Gomez-Herrera

December 2019

Exploiting Partial Convexity of Pump Characteristics in Water Network Design
M. E. Pfetsch, A. Schmitt

Mechanical Engineering
Expensive multi-objective optimization of electromagnetic mixing in a liquid metal
Sebastian Prinz, Jana Thomann, Gabriele Eichfelder, Thomas Boeck, Jörg Schumacher

The perturbation analysis of nonconvex low-rank matrix robust recovery
Huang Jianwen, Wang Wendong, Zhang Feng

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