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Applications — Science and Engineering Submissions - 2021

January 2021

Biomedical Applications
Dynamic string-averaging CQ-methods for the split feasibility problem with percentage violation constraints arising in radiation therapy treatment planning
Mark Brooke, Yair Censor, Aviv Gibali

Random-Sampling Monte-Carlo Tree Search Methods for Cost Approximation in Long-Horizon Optimal Control
Shankarachary Ragi, Hans D Mittelmann

Facility Planning and Design
Fairness over Time in Dynamic Resource Allocation with an Application in Healthcare
Andrea Lodi, Philippe Olivier, Gilles Pesant, Sriram Sankaranarayanan

Estimating Causal Effects with Optimization-Based Methods: A Review and Empirical Comparison
Martin Cousineau, Vedat Verter, Susan A. Murphy, Joelle Pineau

February 2021

Scalable Inference of Sparsely-changing Markov Random Fields with Strong Statistical Guarantees
Salar Fattahi, Andres Gomez

UAV Formation Shape Control via Decentralized Markov Decision Processes
Md Ali Azam, Hans D Mittelmann, Shankarachary Ragi

Biomedical Applications
Optimizing Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Weiyu Li, Brian Denton, Todd Morgan

A Novel Cooperative Multi-search Benders Decomposition for Solving the Hydrothermal Unit-Commitment Problem
Bruno Colonetti, Erlon Finardi, Paulo Larroyd, Felipe Beltrán

Chemical Engineering
Robust Optimization in Nanoparticle Technology Exemplified by Means of a Residence Time Reactor
Jana Dienstbier, Kevin-Martin Aigner, Jan Rolfes, Wolfgang Peukert, Doris Segets, Lukas Pflug, Frauke Liers

UAV Formation Shape Control via Decentralized Markov Decision Processes
Azam Md Ali, Hans Mittelmann, Shankarachary Ragi

Path Planning and Network Optimization for UAV Swarms for Multi-Target Tracking
Shawon Dey, Hans D Mittelmann, Shankarachary Ragi

A General Framework for Optimal Control of Fractional Nonlinear Delay Systems by Wavelets
Malmir Iman

March 2021

Expanding Students’ Social Networks via Optimized Team Assignments
Alessandro Hill, Steffen Peuker

Facility Planning and Design
Budget-Cut: Introduction to a budget based cutting-plane algorithm for capacity expansion models
Oliver Rehberg, Bismark Singh, Theresa Groß, Maximilian Hoffmann, Leander Kotzur, Detlef Stolten

April 2021

Smart Grids
Market Integration of Behind-the-Meter Residential Energy Storage
Bárbara Rodrigues, Miguel F. Anjos, Valérie Provost

Branch-and-bound Algorithm for Optimal Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis
Akihisa Watanabe, Ryuta Tamura, Yuichi Takano, Ryuhei Miyashiro

May 2021

Smart Grids
A Distributionally Robust Self-Scheduling Under Price Uncertainty Based on CVaR
Linfeng Yang, Ying Yang, Guo Chen, Zhaoyang Dong

Facility Planning and Design
Retail Store Layout Optimization for Maximum Product Visibility
Evren Gul, Alvin Lim, Jiefeng Xu

June 2021

Biomedical Applications
A new matheuristic and improved instance generation for kidney exchange programmes
Maxence Delorme, Sergio García, Jacek Gondzio, Joerg Kalcsics, David Manlove, William Pettersson, James Trimble

A stochastic alternating balance k-means algorithm for fair clustering
S. Liu, L. N. Vicente

Smart Grids
Markov Chain Sampling of Hidden Relay States for Economic Dispatch with Cascading Failures
Arnab Sur , John Birge

July 2021

Biomedical Applications
Designing an optimal sequence of non-pharmaceutical interventions for controlling COVID-19
Debajyoti Biswas, Laurent Alfandari

Smart Grids
Robust Integration of Electric Vehicles Charging Load in Smart Grid’s Capacity Expansion Planning
Sajad Aliakbari Sani, Olivier Bahn, Erick Delage, Rinel Foguen Tchuendom

August 2021

Smart Grids
Designing reliable future energy systems by iteratively including extreme periods in time-series aggregation
Holger Teichgraeber, Lucas Elias Kuepper, Adam Brandt

Biomedical Applications
Developments in mathematical algorithms and computational tools for proton CT and particle therapy treatment planning
Yair Censor, E. Keith Schubert, W. Reinhard Schulte

Linearizing Bilinear Products of Shadow Prices and Dispatch Variables in Bilevel Problems for Optimal Power System Planning
Nicholas Laws, Grani Hanasusanto

September 2021

Nonlinear matrix recovery using optimization on the Grassmann manifold
Florentin Goyens, Coralia Cartis, Armin Eftekhari

October 2021

Smart Grids
ADMM-based Unit and Time Decomposition for Price Arbitrage by Cooperative Price-Maker Electricity Storage Units
Miguel Anjos, James Cruise, Albert Solà Vilalta

November 2021

Smart Grids
On the Fairness of Aggregator's Incentives in Residential Demand Response
Michael David de Souza Dutra, Natalia Alguacil

Analysis non-sparse recovery for non-convex relaxed $\ell_q$ minimization
Jianwen Huang, Feng Zhang, Xinling Liu, Jianjun Wang

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Reaching Paris Agreement Goal through CDR/DAC Development: a Compact OR Model
F Babonneau, A Haurie, M Vielle

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