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Optimization Software and Modeling Systems Submissions - 2000

August 2000

Optimization as an Internet Resource
Robert Fourer, Jean-Pierre Goux

September 2000

Modeling Languages and Systems
Symbolic-Algebraic Computations in a Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming
David M. Gay

November 2000

Optimization Software Design Principles
GPCG: A case study in the performance and scalability of optimization algorithms
Steve Benson, Lois McInnes, Jorge More'

Optimization Software Benchmark
Benchmarking Optimization Software with COPS
Elizabeth Dolan, Jorge More'

Problem Solving Environments
iNEOS : An Interactive Environment for Nonlinear Optimization
Marcel Good, Jean-Pierre Goux, Jorge Nocedal, Victor Pereyra

December 2000

Parallel Algorithms
Optimization on Computational Grids
Stephen Wright

Slice Models in General Purpose Modeling Systems
Michael C. Ferris, Meta M. Voelker

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