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Optimization Software and Modeling Systems Submissions - 2003

February 2003

The Use of Java Arrays for Matrix Computations
Geir Gundersen, Trond Steihaug

Optimization Software Benchmark
A Server for Automated Performance Analysis of Benchmarking Data
Hans D Mittelmann, Armin Pruessner

April 2003

Parallel Algorithms
A methodology for the analysis of parallel GRASP strategies
Renata M. Aiex, Mauricio G. C. Resende

October 2003

Parallel Algorithms
A Grid-Enabled Distributed Branch-and-Bound Algorithm with
Lucia Drummond, Eduardo Uchoa, Josť Viterbo, Clicia Castro

December 2003

GAMS/LGO Nonlinear Solver Suite: Key Features, Usage, and Numerical Performance
Janos D. Pinter

Modeling Languages and Systems
Numerical Issues and Influences in the Design of Algebraic Modeling Languages for Optimization
Robert Fourer, David M. Gay

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