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Optimization Software and Modeling Systems Submissions - 2014

March 2014

Optimization Software Benchmark
CBLIB 2014: A benchmark library for conic mixed-integer and continuous optimization
Henrik A. Friberg

April 2014

Parallel Algorithms
Parallel Large-Neighborhood Search Techniques for LNG Inventory Routing
Badrinarayanan Velamur Asokan, Kevin C Furman, Vikas Goel, Yufen Shao, Guangye Li

October 2014

Parallel Algorithms
A Parallel Line Search Subspace Correction Method for Composite Convex Optimization
Qian Dong, Xin Liu, Zaiwen Wen, Yaxiang Yuan

Interior-point solver for convex separable block-angular problems
Castro Jordi

PSMG-A Parallel Structured Model Generator for Mathematical Programming
Feng Qiang, Andreas Grothey

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