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Optimization Software and Modeling Systems Submissions - 2018

January 2018

Modeling Languages and Systems
CasADi - A software framework for nonlinear optimization and optimal control
J A E Andersson, J Gillis, G Horn, J B Rawlings, M Diehl

February 2018

Optimization Software Design Principles
High-Level Interfaces for the Multiple Shooting Code for Optimal Control MUSCOD
Manuel Kudruss, Felix Lenders, Christian Kirches

March 2018

Parallel Algorithms
A Distributed Quasi-Newton Algorithm for Empirical Risk Minimization with Nonsmooth Regularization
Ching-pei Lee, Cong Han Lim, Stephen Wright

April 2018

Optimization Software Benchmark
A computational study of global optimization solvers on two trust region subproblems
Tiago Montanher, Arnold Neumaier, Ferenc Domes

May 2018

Modeling Languages and Systems
Sensitivity Analysis for Nonlinear Programming in CasADi
J A E Andersson, J B Rawlings

July 2018

Parallel Algorithms
Decentralized Algorithms for Distributed Integer Programming Problems with a Coupling Cardinality Constraint
Ezgi Karabulut, Shabbir Ahmed, George Nemhauser

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