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Optimization Online Digest — December 2000

Integer Programming

A Family of Inequalities for the Generalized Assignment Polytope
Ismael R. de Farias, George L. Nemhauser

Facets of the Complementarity Knapsack Polytope
Ismael R. de Farias, Ellis L. Johnson, George L. Nemhauser

A Family of Facets for the p-Median Polytope
Ismael R. de Farias

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

On implementing a primal-dual interior-point method for conic quadratic optimization
Erling Andersen, Cees Roos, Tamas Terlaky

Nonlinear Optimization

Constraint Identification and Algorithm Stabilization for Degenerate Nonlinear Programs
Stephen Wright

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

Optimization on Computational Grids
Stephen Wright

Slice Models in General Purpose Modeling Systems
Michael C. Ferris, Meta M. Voelker

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