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Optimization Online Digest — October 2003

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

On the Complexity of Scheduling with Elastic Times
Celso Ribeiro , Eric Sanlaville

Scheduling Workover Rigs for Onshore Oil Production
Dario Aloise, Daniel Aloise, Caroline Rocha, José Ribeiro Filho, Luiz Moura, Celso Ribeiro

Multiprocessor Scheduling under Precedence Constraints: Polyhedral Results
Pablo Coll, Celso Ribeiro, Cid Souza

Automatic Scheduling of Hypermedia Documents with Elastic Times]
Maira Medina, Celso Ribeiro, Luiz Fernando Soares

An application of integer programming to playoff elimination in football championships
Celso Ribeiro, Sebastián Urrutia

The Network Packing Problem in Terrestrial Broadcasting
Carlo Mannino, Fabrizio Rossi, Stefano Smriglio

New criss-cross type algorithms for linear complementarity problems with sufficient matrices
Zsolt Csizmadia, Tibor Illes

Applications — Science and Engineering

A genetic algorithm for the phylogeny problem using an optimized crossover strategy based on path-relinking
Celso Ribeiro, Dalessandro Vianna

A GRASP/VND heuristic for the phylogeny problem using a new neighborhood structure
Celso Ribeiro, Dalessandro Vianna

Randomized Algorithms for Scene Recognition by Inexact Graph Matching
Maria Claudia Boeres, Celso Ribeiro, Isabelle Bloch

Heuristics for the Phylogeny Problem
Alexandre Andreatta, Celso Ribeiro

Combinatorial Optimization

On-Line Scheduling to Minimize Average Completion Time Revisited
Nicole Megow, Andreas S. Schulz

GRASP and path-relinking: Recent advances and applications
Maurício Resende, Celso Ribeiro

On Extracting Maximum Stable Sets in Perfect Graphs Using Lovasz's Theta Function
E. Alper Yildirim, Xiaofei Fan

An updated bibliography of GRASP
Mauricio G. C. Resende, Paola Festa

A Multi-Exchange Local Search Algorithm for the Capacitated Facility Location Problem
Jiawei Zhang, Bo Chen, Yinyu Ye

Parallel Strategies for GRASP with path-relinking
Renata M. Aiex, Mauricio G. C. Resende

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

A Robust Gradient Sampling Algorithm for Nonsmooth, Nonconvex Optimization
James V. Burke, Adrian S. Lewis, Michael L. Overton

Global Optimization

Complete Search in Continuous Global Optimization and Constraint Satisfaction
A. Neumaier

Integer Programming

Lift-and-project for 0--1 programming via algebraic geometry
Luis Zuluaga, Juan Vera, Javier Pena

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

The Reduced Density Matrix Method for Electronic Structure Calculations and the Role of Three-Index Representability Conditions
Zhengji Zhao, Baastian Braams, Mituhiro Fukuda, Michael Overton, Jerome Percus

Nonlinear Optimization

Interior-Point Algorithms, Penalty Methods and Equilibrium Problems
Hande Y Benson, Arun Sen, David F. Shanno, Robert J. Vanderbei

A limited memory algorithm for inequality constrained minimization
Paul Armand, Philippe Segalat

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

A Grid-Enabled Distributed Branch-and-Bound Algorithm with
Lucia Drummond, Eduardo Uchoa, José Viterbo, Clicia Castro

Other Topics

Stable Matchings for A Generalized Marriage Problem
Somdeb Lahiri

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