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Optimization Online Digest — June 2005

Applications — Science and Engineering

Phylogenetic Analysis Via DC Programming
Steven Ellis, Madhu Nayakkankuppam

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

G. J. P. Da Silva, P. R. Oliveira

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

About Regularity of Collections of Sets
Alexander Ya. Kruger

ACCPM with a nonlinear constraint and an active set strategy to solve nonlinear multicommodity flow problems
Frederic Babonneau, Jean-Philippe Vial

A Dual Optimization Approach to Inverse Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems with Partial Eigenstructure
Zheng-Jian Bai, Delin Chu, Defeng Sun

Computing Proximal Points on Nonconvex Functions
Warren L Hare, Claudia Sagastizabal

Constructing Generalized Mean Functions Using Convex Functions with Regularity Conditions
Y.B. ZHAO, S.C Fang, D. Li

Global Optimization

New results for molecular formation under pairwise potential minimization
Werner Schachinger, Bernardetta Addis, Immanuel Bomze, Fabio Schoen

Semidefinite-Based Branch-and-Bound for Nonconvex Quadratic Programming
Samuel Burer, Dieter Vandenbussche

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Termination and Verification for Ill-Posed Semidefinite Programming Problems
Christian Jansson

The Strong Second-Order Sufficient Condition and Constraint Nondegeneracy in Nonlinear Semidefinite Programming and Their Implications
Defeng Sun

New Complexity Analysis of IIPMs for Linear Optimization Based on a Specific Self-Regular Function
Maziar Salahi, Mohammad Reza Peyghami, Tamas Terlaky

A Full-Newton Step $O(n)$ Infeasible Interior-Point Algorithm for Linear Optimization
C Roos

An analytic center cutting plane approach for conic programming
Vasile L. Basescu, John E. Mitchell

Largest dual ellipsoids inscribed in dual cones
M. J. Todd

Jordan-algebraic approach to convexity theorem for quadratic mappings
Leonid Faybusovich

Enlarging Neighborhoods of Interior-Point Algorithms for Linear Programming via Least Values of Proximity measure Functions

Semidefinite Bounds for the Stability Number of a Graph via Sums of Squares of Polynomials
Nebojsa Gvozdenovic, Monique Laurent

An Iterative Solver-Based Long-Step Infeasible Primal-Dual Path-Following Algorithm for Convex QP Based on a Class of Preconditioners
Zhaosong Lu, Renato Monteiro, Jerome O'Neal

Nonlinear Optimization

A note on KKT points of homogeneous programs
Y.B. ZHAO, D. Li

Robust Optimization

A Robust Optimization Perspective of Stochastic Programming
Melvyn Sim, Xin Chen, Peng Sun

A General Robust-Optimization Formulation for Nonlinear Programming
Yin Zhang

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