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Optimization Online Digest — January 2006

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Computing robust basestock levels
Daniel Bienstock, Nuri Ozbay

Applications — Science and Engineering

Efficient Schemes for Robust IMRT Treatment Planning
Arinbjorn Olafsson, Stephen Wright

Combinatorial Optimization

Hyperbolic Polynomials Approach to Van der Waerden/Schrijver-Valiant like Conjectures :\\
Leonid Gurvits

Finding the best root node strategy for the approximation of the time-indexed bound in min-sum scheduling
Yunpeng Pan, Leyuan Shi

Dynamic Enumeration of All Mixed Cells
Tomohiko Mizutani, Akiko Takeda, Masakazu Kojima

A pricing problem under Monge property
Oktay Gunluk

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

Using EPECs to model bilevel games in restructured electricity markets
Xinmin Hu, Daniel Ralph

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Exact regularization of linear programs
Michael P. Friedlander

Global Optimization

A Note on Sparse SOS and SDP Relaxations for Polynomial Optimization Problems over Symmetric Cones
Masakazu Koima, Masakazu Muramatsu

On the complexity of optimization over the standard simplex
Etienne De Klerk, Dick Den Hertog, Gamal Elabwabi

On the convergence of the MG/OPT method
Alfio Borzi

Integer Programming

Two Families of Facets for the Two-Dimensional Mixed Integer Infinite Group Problem
Santanu Dey, Jean-Philippe Richard

Clique-based facets for the precedence constrained knapsack problem
Natashia Boland, Christopher Fricke, Gary Froyland, Renata Sotirov

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Generating and Measuring Instances of Hard Semidefinite Programs, SDP
Hua Wei, Henry Wolkowicz

The Rate of Convergence of the Augmented Lagrangian Method for Nonlinear Semidefinite Programming
Defeng Sun, Jie Sun, Liwei Zhang

Nonlinear Optimization

On the behavior of the conjugate-gradient method on ill-conditioned problems
Anders Forsgren

Kantorovich's Majorants Principle for Newton's Method
Orizon Ferreira, Benar Svaiter

Continuous Optimization Methods for Structure Alignments
Roberto Andreani, José Mario Martínez , Leandro Martínez , Flavio Yano

Robust Optimization

Single-Product Pricing via Robust Optimization
Aurelie Thiele

Stochastic Programming

Stochastic Programming Approach to Optimization under Uncertainty
Alexander Shapiro

Reformulation and Sampling to Solve a Stochastic Network Interdiction Problem
Udom Janjarassuk, Jeff Linderoth

Other Topics

The Effects of Adding Objectives to an Optimization Problem on the Solution Set
Joerg Fliege

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