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Optimization Online Digest — September 2007

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

A New Algorithm for Minimum Cost Linking
M Sreenivas, Dr. T Srinivas

Optimal solutions for unrelated parallel machines scheduling problems using convex quadratic reformulations
M.-C. Plateau, Y.A. Rios-Solis

Applications — Science and Engineering

H2-optimal model reduction of MIMO systems
P. Van Dooren, K. A. Gallivan, P.-A. Absil

Classification problems with imprecise data through separating hyperplanes
Emilio Carrizosa, José Gordillo, Frank Plastria

l_1 Trend Filtering
Seung-Jean Kim, Kwangmoo Koh, Stephen Boyd, Dimitry Gorinevsky

Processor Speed Control with Thermal Constraints
Almir Mutapcic, Stephen Boyd, Srinivasan Murali, David Atienza, Giovanni De Micheli, Rajesh Gupta

Fast Computation of Optimal Contact Forces
Stephen Boyd, Ben Wegbreit

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Local convergence for alternating and averaged nonconvex projections
Adrian Lewis, Russell Luke, Jerome Malick

A New Class of Self-Concordant Barriers from Separable Spectral Functions
Javier Pena, Hristo Sendov

Gradient methods for minimizing composite objective function
Yurii Nesterov

Stochastic Approximation approach to Stochastic Programming
Anatoli Juditsky, Guanghui Lan, Arkadi Nemirovski, Alexander Shapiro

Integer Programming

Computational experience with general cutting planes for the Set Covering problem
Pasquale Avella, Maurizio Boccia, Igor Vasiliev

Visualizing Branch-and-Bound Algorithms
O.Y. Ozaltın, B. Hunsaker, T.K. Ralphs

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Convergence Analysis of Inexact Infeasible Interior Point Method for Linear Optimization
Ghussoun Al-Jeiroudi, Jacek Gondzio

On hyperbolicity cones associated with elementary symmetric polynomials
Yuriy Zinchenko

Optimization by the Fixed-Point Method
Jalaluddin Abdullah

A Sequential Convex Semidefinite Programming Algorithm for Multiple-Load Free Material Optimization
Michael Stingl, Michal Kocvara, Guenter Leugering

The continuous d-step conjecture for polytopes
Antoine Deza, Tamas Terlaky, Yuriy Zinchenko

Properties of a cutting plane algorithm for semidefinite programming
Kartik Krishnan Sivaramakrishnan, John E. Mitchell

Network Optimization

An Interior-Point Method for Large Scale Network Utility Maximization
Argyrios Zymnis, Nikolaos Trichakis, Stephen Boyd, Daniel O' Neill

Dynamic Network Utility Maximization with Delivery Contracts
Nikolaos Trichakis, Argyrios Zymnis, Stephen Boyd

Nonlinear Optimization

An Active-Set Algorithm for Nonlinear Programming Using Parametric Linear Programming
Richard H. Byrd, Richard A. Waltz

The extremal volume ellipsoids of convex bodies, their symmetry properties, and their determination in some special cases
Osman Guler, Filiz Gurtuna

A Filter Active-Set Trust-Region Method
Michael P. Friedlander, Nick I. M. Gould, Sven Leyffer, Todd S. Munson

On the solution of fuzzy bilevel programming problems
Stephan Dempe, Tatiana Starostina

Duality in quasi-newton methods and new variational characterizations of the DFP and BFGS updates
Osman Guler, Filiz Gurtuna, Olena Shevchenko

Adaptive cubic overestimation methods for unconstrained optimization
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas Gould, Philippe Toint

A multilevel algorithm for solving the trust-region subproblem
Philippe L. Toint, Dimitri Tomanos, Melissa Weber-Mendonca

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

GloptiPoly 3: moments, optimization and semidefinite programming
Didier Henrion, Jean Bernard Lasserre, Johan Löfberg

SDLS: a Matlab package for solving conic least-squares problems
Didier Henrion, Jérôme Malick

Computational Experience with a Software Framework for Parallel Integer Programming
Y. Xu, T.K. Ralphs, L. Ladanyi, M.J. Saltzman

Graph Implementations for Nonsmooth Convex Programs
Michael Grant, Stephen Boyd

Stochastic Programming

A Sample Approximation Approach for Optimization with Probabilistic Constraints
James Luedtke, Shabbir Ahmed

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