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Optimization Online Digest — February 2008

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Clinic Scheduling Models with Overbooking for Patients with Heterogeneous No-show Probabilities
Bo Zeng, Ayten Turkcan, Ji Lin, Mark Lawley

Applications — Science and Engineering

Robust Transmit Beamforming Based on Probabilistic Constraint
Huiqin Du, Pei-Jung Chung, Jacek Gondzio, Bernard Mulgrew

Alternating local search based VNS
Frank Plastria, Steven De Bruyne, Emilio Carrizosa

A conjugate-gradient based approach for approximate solutions of quadratic programs
Fredrik Carlsson, Anders Forsgren

Combinatorial Optimization

GRASP and path relinking for the max-min diversity problem
Mauricio G. C. Resende, Rafael Martí, Micael Gallego, Abraham Duarte

Tur\'an Graphs, Stability Number, and Fibonacci Index
Véronique Bruyère, Hadrien Mélot

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

A Stochastic EPEC Model for Electricity Markets with Two Way Contracts
Dali Zhang, Huifu Xu, Yue Wu

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

An Algorithm and a Core Set Result for the Weighted Euclidean One-Center Problem
E. Alper Yildirim, Piyush Kumar

Global Optimization

A p-Cone Sequential Relaxation Procedure for 0-1 Integer Programs
Samuel Burer, Jieqiu Chen

Design Optimization of electromagnetic actuator using genetic algorithms approach
mahdeb naaman, Mekideche Mouhamed rachid

Network Optimization

Convergent Network Approximation for the Continuous Euclidean Length Constrained Minimum Cost Path Problem
Ranga Muhandiramge, Natashia Boland, Song Wang

Simultaneous Solution of Lagrangean Dual Problems Interleaved with Preprocessing for the Weight Constrained Shortest Path Problem
Ranga Muhandiramge, Natashia Boland

Nonlinear Optimization

Trust-region and other regularisations of linear least-squares problems
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas Gould, Philippe Toint

Directed Cholesky factorizations and applications
Ferenc Domes, Arnold Neumaier

A scaling algorithm for polynomial constraint satisfaction problems
Ferenc Domes, Neumaier Arnold

Robust Optimization

Pricing with uncertain customer valuations
Aurelie Thiele

Stochastic Programming

Computational study of a chance constrained portfolio selection problem
Bernardo Pagnoncelli, Shabbir Ahmed, Alex Shapiro

Convergence Analysis of a Weighted Barrier Decomposition Algorithm for Two Stage Stochastic Programming
Sanjay Mehrotra, Gokhan Ozevin

Disjunctive Decomposition for Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Binary Programs with Random Recourse
Lewis Ntaimo

Other Topics

Newton's Method for Multiobjective Optimization
Joerg Fliege, L. Mauricio Grana Drummond, Benar F. Svaiter

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