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Optimization Online Digest — November 2013

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Dynamic Cost Allocation for Economic Lot Sizing Games
Alejandro Toriello, Nelson A Uhan

Approaches to a real-world train timetabling problem in a railway node
Valentina Cacchiani, Fabio Furini, Martin Philip Kidd

Applications — Science and Engineering

A First-Order Algorithm for the A-Optimal Experimental Design Problem: A Mathematical Programming Approach

Multimaterial topology optimization by volume constrained Allen-Cahn system and regularized projected steepest descent method
R Tavakoli

Application of the Moment-SOS Approach to Global Optimization of the OPF Problem
Cédric Josz, Jean Maeght, Patrick Panciatici, Jean Charles Gilbert

A Primal Heuristic for MINLP based on Dual Information
Jesco Humpola, Armin Fügenschuh, Thomas Lehmann

Combinatorial Optimization

Approximation Algorithms for the Incremental Knapsack Problem via Disjunctive Programming
Daniel Bienstock, Jay Sethuraman, Chun Ye

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Variational analysis in psychological modeling
T.Q. Bao, B. S. Mordukhovich, A. Soubeyran

An inexact proximal path-following algorithm for constrained convex minimization
Quoc Tran Dinh, Anastasios Kyrillidis, Volkan Cevher

Differentiability properties of metric projections onto convex sets
Alexander Shapiro

Complexity of Inexact Proximal Newton methods
Katya Scheinberg, Xiaocheng Tang

On the Proximal Jacobian Decomposition of ALM for Multiple-block Separable Convex Minimization Problems and its Relationship to ADMM
Bingsheng He, Hong-Kun Xu, Xiaoming Yuan

Global Optimization

Efficient upper and lower bounds for global mixed-integer optimal control
Sebastian Sager, Mathieu Claeys, Frederic Messine

Infinite Dimensional Optimization

On Blocking and Anti-Blocking Polyhedra in Infinite Dimensions
Luis Rademacher, Alejandro Toriello, Juan Pablo Vielma

Integer Programming

Box-Constrained Mixed-Integer Polynomial Optimization Using Separable Underestimators
Christoph Buchheim, Claudia D'Ambrosio

Error bounds for mixed integer linear optimization problems
Oliver Stein

A Hierarchy of Subgraph Projection-Based Semidefinite Relaxations for some NP-Hard Graph Optimization Problems
Elspeth Adams, Miguel F. Anjos, Franz Rendl, Angelika Wiegele

Memory-Aware Parallelized RLT3 for Solving Quadratic Assignment Problems
Peter Hahn, Amir Roth, Matthew Saltzman, Monique Guignard

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

A semidefinite programming hierarchy for packing problems in discrete geometry
David de Laat, Frank Vallentin

A Two-Variable Analysis of the Two-Trust-Region Problem
Boshi Yang, Samuel Burer

A structural geometrical analysis of weakly infeasible SDPs
Bruno F. Lourenço, Masakazu Muramatsu, Takashi Tsuchiya

Semidefinite programming and eigenvalue bounds for the graph partition problem
R. Sotirov, E.R. van Dam

Marcel K. de Carli Silva, Levent Tuncel

Network Optimization

A polynomial-time algorithm for a class of minimum concave cost flow problems
Qie He, Shabbir Ahmed, George Nemhauser

Nonlinear Optimization

A Parallel Quadratic Programming Method for Dynamic Optimization Problems
Janick Frasch, Sebastian Sager, Moritz Diehl

A Derivative-Free Algorithm for Constrained Global Optimization based on Exact Penalty Functions
G. Di Pillo, S. Lucidi, F. Rinaldi

Derivative-free Robust Optimization for Circuit Design
A. Ciccazzo, V. Latorre, G. Liuzzi, S. Lucidi, F. Rinaldi

A fast fixed point algorithm for a class of nonlinear programming problems
Ashok Belegundu

Narrowing the difficulty gap for the Celis-Dennis-Tapia problem
Immanuel M. Bomze, Michael L. Overton

Copositive relaxation beats Lagrangian dual bounds in quadratically and linearly constrained QPs
Immanuel M. Bomze

On Efficiently Combining Limited Memory and Trust-Region Techniques
Oleg Burdakov, Lujin Gong, Ya-xiang Yuan, Spartak Zikrin

Updating constraint preconditioners for KKT systems in quadratic programming via low-rank corrections
Stefania Bellavia, Valentina De Simone, Daniela di Serafino, Benedetta Morini

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

Modeling with Metaconstraints and Semantic Typing of Variables
Andre Cire, John Hooker, Tallys Yunes

Robust Optimization

Decision Making Based on a Nonparametric Shape-Preserving Perturbation of a Reference Utility Function
Jian Hu

Stochastic Programming

Computation of Stochastic Nash Equilibrium via Variable Sample Distributed Methods
Dali Zhang, Lizhi Wang, Ming Dong

Other Topics

Criterion Space Search Algorithms for Biobjective Mixed Integer Programming Part II: Mixed Integer Programs
Natashia Boland, Hadi Charkhgard, Martin Savelsbergh

Singularly Perturbed Markov Decision Processes: A Multiresolution Algorithm
Chin Pang Ho, Panos Parpas

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