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Optimization Online Digest — April 2014

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

An inventory model with shortages for imperfect items using substitution of two products
A Mukhopadhyay, A GOSWAMI

Measuring the attractiveness of academic journals: A direct influence aggregation model
Fabien Cornillier, Vincent Charles

Scheduling on a single machine under time-of-use electricity tariffs
Kan Fang, Nelson A. Uhan, Fu Zhao, John W. Sutherland

The cooperative orienteering problem with time windows
Martijn Van der Merwe, James P Minas, Melih Ozlen, John W Hearne

Unit commitment with valve-point loading effect
João Pedro Pedroso, Mikio Kubo, Ana Viana

Applications — Science and Engineering

Modal occupation measures and LMI relaxations for nonlinear switched systems control
Mathieu Claeys, Jamal Daafouz, Didier Henrion

Combinatorial Optimization

Unifying set-copositive formulations of binary problems and randomization techniques
Felix Lieder, Fatameh Bani Asadi Rad Rad, Florian Jarre

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Parallel Algorithms for Big Data Optimization
Francisco Facchinei, Simone Sagratella, Gesualdo Scutari

A Generalized Inexact Proximal Point Method for Nonsmooth Functions that Satisfies Kurdyka Lojasiewicz Inequality
Glaydston Bento, Antoine Soubeyran

A note on Fejér-monotone sequences in product spaces and its applications to the dual convergence of augmented Lagrangian methods
Maicon Marques Alves, Benar Fux Svaiter

An inertial alternating direction method of multipliers
Radu Ioan Bot, Ernö Robert Csetnek

Convergence Rates with Inexact Nonexpansive Operators
Jingwei Liang, Jalal Fadili, Gabriel Peyré

Forward - Backward Greedy Algorithms for Atomic - Norm Regularization
Nikhil Rao, Parikshit Shah, Stephen Wright

An accelerated HPE-type algorithm for a class of composite convex-concave saddle-point problems
Yunlong He, Renato D.C. Monteiro

Stochastic Quasi-Fejér Block-Coordinate Fixed Point Iterations with Random Sweeping
Patrick L. Combettes, Jean-Christophe Pesquet

Global Optimization

A Global Optimization Approach to the Design of Solar Power Plants
E. Carrizosa, C. Domínguez-Bravo, E. Fernández-Cara, M. Quero

Infinite Dimensional Optimization

The Slater Conundrum: Duality and Pricing in Infinite Dimensional Optimization
Kipp Martin, Christopher Thomas Ryan, Matthew Stern

Integer Programming

A Note on Linear On/Off Constraints
Hassan L. Hijazi, Pierre Bonami, Adam Ouorou

The Connected Facility Location Polytope: Valid Inequalities, Facets and a Computational Study
Markus Leitner, Ivana Ljubic, Juan-Jose Salazar-Gonzalez, Markus Sinnl

How important are branching decisions: fooling MIP solvers
Pierre Le Bodic, George L. Nemhauser

A several new mixed integer linear programming formulations for exploration of online social networks
Zoran Gajic

Two-Term Disjunctions on the Second-Order Cone
Fatma Kilinc Karzan, Sercan Yildiz

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Considering Copositivity Locally
Peter J.C. Dickinson, Roland Hildebrand

An LP-based Algorithm to Test Copositivity
Akihiro Tanaka, Akiko Yoshise

Copositivity-based approximations for binary and ternary fractional quadratic optimization
Immanuel M. Bomze

Network Optimization

The Windy Prize-Collecting Rural Postman Problem: An Ant-Colony Based Heuristic
S.E. Schaeffer, R.Z. Rios-Mercado, E. Fernandez

Nonlinear Optimization

Assessing the reliability of general-purpose Inexact Restoration methods
E. G. Birgin, L. F. Bueno, J. M. Martinez

An Interior-Point Method for Nonlinear Optimization Problems with Locatable and Separable Nonsmoothness
Martin Schmidt

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

Parallel Large-Neighborhood Search Techniques for LNG Inventory Routing
Badrinarayanan Velamur Asokan, Kevin C Furman, Vikas Goel, Yufen Shao, Guangye Li

Robust Optimization

Reformulations versus cutting planes for robust optimization: A computational and machine learning perspective
Dimitris Bertsimas, Iain Dunning, Miles Lubin

Stochastic Programming

Validating Sample Average Approximation Solutions with Negatively Dependent Batches
Jiajie Chen, Cong Han Lim, Peter Qian, Jeff Linderoth, Stephen Wright

Improving the integer L-shaped method
Gustavo Angulo, Shabbir Ahmed, Santanu S. Dey

Other Topics

Surrogate upper bound sets for bi-objective bi-dimensional binary knapsack problems
Audrey Cerqueus, Anthony Przybylski, Xavier Gandibleux

Approximating Pareto Curves using Semidefinite Relaxations
Victor Magron, Didier Henrion, Jean-Bernard Lasserer

Minimal Points, Variational Principles, and Variable Preferences in Set Optimization
Truong Q. Bao, Boris S. Mordukhovich, Antoine Soubeyran

The L-Shape Search Method for Triobjective Integer Programming
Natashia Boland, Hadi Charkhgard, Martin Savelsbergh

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