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Optimization Online Digest — June 2014

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Robust newsvendor problem with autoregressive demand
Emilio Carrizosa, Alba V. Olivares-Nadal, Pepa Ramírez-Cobo

Load-Dependent and Precedence-Based Models for Pickup and Delivery Problems
Luis Gouveia, Mario Ruthmair

An Optimal Path Model for the Risk-Averse Traveler
Leilei Zhang, Tito Homem-de-Mello

Fast Approximations for Online Scheduling of Outpatient Procedure Centers
Berg, Denton

The split-demand one-commodity pickup-and-delivery travelling salesman problem
Juan-Jose Salazar-Gonzalez, Beatriz Santos-Hernández

A Parallel Local Search Framework for the Fixed-Charge Multicommodity Network Flow Problem
Lluís-Miquel Munguía, Shabbir Ahmed, David A. Bader, George L. Nemhauser, Vikas Goel, Yufen Shao

A Non-Parametric Structural Hybrid Modeling Approach for Electricity Prices
Somayeh Moazeni, Ismael Arciniegas Rueda, Michael Coulon, Boyang Song, Warren B. Powell

Applications — Science and Engineering

The unrooted set covering connected subgraph problem differentiating between HIV envelope sequences
Stephen J Maher, John M Murray

Playing with Duality: An Overview of Recent Primal-Dual Approaches for Solving Large-Scale Optimization Problems
Nikos Komodakis, Jean-Christophe Pesquet

Combinatorial Optimization

On the shortest path game
Andreas Darmann, Ulrich Pferschy, Joachim Schauer

Stronger Multi-Commodity Flow Formulations of the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Adam N Letchford, Juan-Jose Salazar-Gonzalez

Bounds and Algorithms for the Knapsack Problem with Conflict Graph
Andrea Bettinelli, Valentina Cacchiani, Enrico Malaguti

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

Individual confidence intervals for true solutions to stochastic variational inequalities
Lamm Michael, Shu Lu, Amarjit Budhiraja

Symmetric confidence regions and confidence intervals for normal map formulations of stochastic variational inequalities
Shu Lu

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

An inertial Tseng's type proximal algorithm for nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization problems
Radu Ioan Bot, Ernö Robert Csetnek

Gradient Sliding for Composite Optimization
Guanghui Lan

Splitting methods with variable metric for KL functions
Pierre Frankel, Guillaume Garrigos, Juan Peypouquet

Convergence rate analysis of several splitting schemes
Damek Davis, Wotao Yin

A Primal-Dual Algorithmic Framework for Constrained Convex Minimization
Quoc Tran-Dinh, Volkan Cevher

A Class of Randomized Primal-Dual Algorithms for Distributed Optimization
Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Audrey Repetti

On Lipschitz optimization based on gray-box piecewise linearization
Andreas Griewank, Andrea Walther, Sabrina Fiege, Torsten Bosse

Steplength Thresholds for Invariance Preserving of Discretization Methods of Dynamical Systems on a Polyhedron
Zoltán Horváth, Yunfei Song, Tamás Terlaky

Projection Methods: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Reviews
Andrzej Cegielski, Yair Censor

Integer Programming

How to Convexify the Intersection of a Second Order Cone and a Nonconvex Quadratic
Samuel Burer, Fatma Kilinc-Karzan

Disjunctive Cuts for Cross-Sections of the Second-Order Cone
Sercan Yildiz, Gerard Cornuejols

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

A short proof of infeasibility and generating all infeasible semidefinite programs
Minghui Liu, Gabor Pataki

New lower bounds and asymptotics for the cp-rank
Immanuel M. Bomze, Werner Schachinger, Reinhard Ullriche

Sensitivity analysis of semidefinite programs without strong duality
Yuen-Lam Cheung, Henry Wolkowicz

Network Optimization

A polyhedral study of the diameter constrained minimum spanning tree problem
Luis Gouveia, Markus Leitner, Ivana Ljubic

Nonlinear Optimization

An Efficient Gauss-Newton Algorithm for Symmetric Low-Rank Product Matrix Approximations

On the regularizing behavior of recent gradient methods in the solution of linear ill-posed problems
Roberta De Asmundis, Daniela di Serafino, Germana Landi

On the Minimization Over Sparse Symmetric Sets
Amir Beck, Nadav Hallak

How Difficult is Nonlinear Optimization? A Practical Solver Tuning Approach, with Illustrative Results
Janos D. Pinter

Levenberg-Marquardt methods based on probabilistic gradient models and inexact subproblem solution, with application to data assimilation
E. Bergou, S. Gratton, L. N. Vicente

iPiano: Inertial Proximal Algorithm for Nonconvex Optimization
Peter Ochs, Yunjin Chen, Thomas Brox, Thomas Pock

A Globally Convergent Stabilized SQP Method: Superlinear Convergence
Philip Gill, Vyacheslav Kungurtsev, Daniel Robinson

Unreduced symmetric KKT systems arising from Interior Point methods. Part II: preconditioning
Benedetta Morini, Valeria Simoncini, Mattia Tani

Robust Optimization

Robust optimization criteria: state-of-the-art and new issues
Amadeu Almeida Coco, Elyn L. Solano-Charris, Andréa Cynthia Santos, Christian Prins, Thiago Noronha

Other Topics

A dynamic gradient approach to Pareto optimization with nonsmooth nonconvex objective functions
Hédy Attouch, Guillaume Garrigos, Xavier Goudou

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