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Optimization Online Digest — December 2015

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Application of the Laminar Navier-Stokes Equations for Solving 2D and 3D Pathfinding Problems with Static and Dynamic Spatial Constraints. Implementation and validation with Finite Element Methods.
Benjamin Ivorra

Robust Nonparametric Testing for Causal Inference in Observational Studies
Md. Noor-E-Alam, Cynthia Rudin

Strengthening the SDP Relaxation of AC Power Flows with Convex Envelopes, Bound Tightening, and Lifted Nonlinear Cuts
Carleton Coffrin, Hassan Hijazi, Pascal Van Hentenryck

Shelter Location and Evacuation Route Assignment under Uncertainty: A Benders Decomposition Approach
Vedat Bayram, Hande Yaman

Bulk Ship Fleet Renewal and Deployment under Uncertainty: A Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming Approach
Ayse N. Arslan, Dimitri J. Papageorgiou

In finite Horizon Optimal Policy for an Inventory System
Mabel C Chou, Chee-Khian Sim, Xue-Ming Yuan

Applications — Science and Engineering

Matrix rank/inertia formulas for least-squares solutions with statistical applications
Tian Yongge, Bo Jiang

A general prediction analysis to linear random-effects models with restrictions and new observations
Tian Yongge

Robust optimization of dose-volume metrics for prostate HDR-brachytherapy incorporating target delineation uncertainties
Marleen Balvert, Dick Den Hertog, Aswin Hoffmann

Combinatorial Optimization

Time Constrained Maximal Covering Salesman Problem with Weighted Demands and Partial Coverage
Gizem Ozbaygin, Hande Yaman, Oya E Karasan

On the diameter of lattice polytopes
Alberto Del Pia, Carla Michini

Euler Polytopes and Convex Matroid Optimization
Antoine Deza, George Manoussakis, Shmuel Onn

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

SMART: The Stochastic Monotone Aggregated Root-Finding Algorithm
Damek Davis

Perturbation of error bounds
A. Y. Kruger, M. A. Lopez , M. A. Thera

Polytope conditioning and linear convergence of the Frank-Wolfe algorithm
Javier Pena, Daniel Rodriguez

Solving Conic Systems via Projection and Rescaling
Javier Pena, Negar Soheili

Distributed Stochastic Variance Reduced Gradient Methods and a Lower Bound for Communication Complexity
Jason Lee, Qihang Lin, Tengyu Ma, Tianbao Yang

Global Optimization

Column Generation based Alternating Direction Methods for solving MINLPs
Ivo Nowak

Formulas for calculating the maximum and minimum ranks of products of generalized inverses of matrices
Tian Yongge

Infinite Dimensional Optimization

Semi-infinite programming using high-degree polynomial interpolants and semidefinite programming
David Papp

Integer Programming

On the Polyhedral Structure of Two-Level Lot-Sizing Problems with Supplier Selection
Ayse N. Arslan, Jean-Philippe P. Richard, Yongpei Guan

Convex Hull Characterizations of Lexicographic Orderings
Warren Adams, Pietro Belotti, Ruobing Shen

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

The Algebraic Structure of the p-Order Cone
Alzalg Baha

The use of squared slack variables in nonlinear second-order cone programming
Ellen H. Fukuda, Masao Fukushima

Optimality conditions for nonlinear semidefinite programming via squared slack variables
Bruno F. Lourenco, Ellen H. Fukuda, Masao Fukushima

ADMM for the SDP relaxation of the QAP
Danilo Oliveira, Henry Wolkowicz, Yangyang Xu

Optimization over Structured Subsets of Positive Semidefinite Matrices via Column Generation
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Sanjeeb Dash, Georgina Hall

Accelerated First-Order Methods for Hyperbolic Programming
James Renegar

Some Tractable Subcones and LP-based Algorithms for Testing Copositivity
Akihiro Tanaka, Akiko Yoshise

Nonlinear Optimization

Backward Step Control for Global Newton-type Methods
Andreas Potschka

A framework for simultaneous aerodynamic design optimization in the presence of chaos
Stefanie Günther, Nicolas R. Gauger, Qiqi Wang

Solutions of a constrained Hermitian matrix-valued function optimization problem with applications
Tian Yongge

Feasible Cone Algorithm for solving Linearly and Nonlinearly Constrained Problems with Derivative Free Optimization and Strategies for Dealing with Multimodal Functions
Ubaldo García Palomares, Ildemaro García Urrea, Pedro Rodríguez Hernández

The Riemannian Barzilai-Borwein method with nonmonotone line-search and the Karcher mean computation
Bruno Iannazzo, Margherita Porcelli

Local Nonglobal Minima for Solving Large Scale Extended Trust Region Subproblems
Maziar Salahi, Akram Taati, Henry Wolkowicz

Robust Optimization

Data-Driven Inverse Optimization with Incomplete Information
Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani, Soroosh Shafieezadeh-Abadeh, Grani A. Hanasusanto, Daniel Kuhn

Stochastic Programming

Distributionally Robust Stochastic Programming
Alexander Shapiro

PIPS-SBB: A parallel distributed-memory branch-and-bound algorithm for stochastic mixed-integer programs
Lluis-Miquel Munguia, Geoffrey Oxberry, Deepak Rajan

Chance-constrained games: A mathematical programming approach
Vikas Vikram Singh, Oualid Jouini, Abdel Lisser

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