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Optimization Online Digest — August 2016

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Strengthened MILP Formulation for Combined-Cycle Units
Lei Fan, Kai Pan, Yongpei Guan, Yonghong Chen, Xing Wang

Formulations and Decomposition Methods for the Incomplete Hub Location Problem With and Without Hop-Constraints
R. S. Camargo, Gilberto Miranda, M. E. O' Kelly, J. F. Campbell

Decomposition-Based Approximation Algorithms for the One-Warehouse Multi-Retailer Problem with Concave Batch Order Costs
Weihong Hu, Alejandro Toriello, Maged Dessouky

Data-Driven Risk-Averse Stochastic Program And Renewable Energy Integration
Chaoyue Zhao

Surgery Sequencing and Scheduling in Multiple ORs with PACU Constraints
Miao Bai, R.H. Storer, G.L. Tonkay

Stochastic Optimization of Vaccine Vial Replenishment
Zahra Azadi, Harsha Gangammnavar, Sandra Eksioglu

Chemotherapy appointment scheduling under uncertainty using mean-risk stochastic integer programming
Michelle Alvarado, Lewis Ntaimo

Designing Response Supply Chain Against Bioattacks
David Simchi-Levi, Nikolaos Trichakis, Peter Yun Zhang

Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows and Convex Node Costs
Qie He, Yongjia Song

Applications — Science and Engineering

Optimization Methods for Locating Heteroclinic Orbits
Pedro Borges

Convex Variational Formulations for Learning Problems
Pedro Borges

Combinatorial Optimization

Extended Formulations and Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for the Black-and-White Traveling Salesman Problem
Luis Gouveia, Markus Leitner, Mario Ruthmair

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

A Study of the Difference-of-Convex Approach for Solving Linear Programs with Complementarity Constraints
Francisco Jara-Moroni, Jong-Shi Pang, Andreas Wńchter

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Improving an ADMM-like Splitting Method via Positive-Indefinite Proximal Regularization for Three-Block Separable Convex Minimization
Bingsheng He, Xiaoming Yuan

Linear Convergence of Gradient and Proximal-Gradient Methods Under the Polyak-Lojasiewicz Condition
Hamed Karimi, Julie Nutini, Mark Schmidt

New analysis of linear convergence of gradient-type methods via unifying error bound conditions
Zhang Hui

A first-order primal-dual algorithm with linesearch
Yura Malitsky, Thomas Pock

Global Optimization

Global Optimization in Hilbert Space
Boris Houska, Benoit Chachuat

Integer Programming

On the polyhedrality of closures of multi-branch split sets and other polyhedra with bounded max-facet-width
Diego Moran, Oktay Gunluk, Sanjeeb Dash

Improving Benders decomposition via a non-linear cut selection procedure
G. Miranda, R.S. Camargo, F. M. S. Lima

Decomposition of loosely coupled integer programs: A multiobjective perspective
Merve Bodur, Shabbir Ahmed, Natashia Boland, George L. Nemhauser

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

A simple preprocessing algorithm for semidefinite programming
Preston Faulk, Gabor Pataki, Quoc Tran-Dinh

Low-Rank Matrix Completion using Nuclear Norm with Facial Reduction
Shimeng Huang, Henry Wolkowicz

Elementary polytopes with high lift-and-project ranks for strong positive semidefinite operators
Yu Hin (Gary) Au, Levent Tunšel

Graph bisection revisited
Renata Sotirov

Network Optimization

A Benders decomposition based framework for solving cable trench problems
Hatice Calik, Markus Leitner, Martin Luipersbeck

Exact algorithms for bi-objective ring tree problems with reliability measures
Alessandro Hill, Silvia Schwarze

Nonlinear Optimization

The Role of Flexibility in Structure-Based Acceleration for Online Convex Optimization
Nam Ho-Nguyen, Fatma Kilinc-Karzan

A new branch-and-bound algorithm for standard quadratic programming problems
Giampaolo Liuzzi, Marco Locatelli, Veronica Piccialli

Approximate norm descent methods for constrained nonlinear systems
Benedetta Morini, Margherita Porcelli, Philippe L. Toint

Second-order optimality and beyond: characterization and evaluation complexity in convexly-constrained nonlinear optimization
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas I. M. Gould, P Toint

A Sequential Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Optimization Problems with Chance Constraints
Frank E Curtis, Andreas Waechter, Victor M Zavala

Robust Optimization

"Dice"-sion Making under Uncertainty: When Can a Random Decision Reduce Risk?
Erick Delage, Daniel Kuhn, Wolfram Wiesemann

Routing Optimization with Time Windows under Uncertainty
Zhang Yu, Baldacci Roberto, Sim Melvyn, Tang Jiafu

Stochastic Programming

Asymptotical Analysis of a SAA Estimator for Optimal Value of a Two Stage Problem with Quadratic Recourse
Sainan Zhang, Liwei Zhang, Hongwei Zhang, Qingsong Duan

The Stochastic Multistage Fixed Charge Transportation Problem: Worst-Case Analysis of the Rolling Horizon Approach
Luca Bertazzi, Francesca Maggioni

An Adaptive Model with Joint Chance Constraints for a Hybrid Wind-Conventional Generator System
Bismark Singh, David Morton, Surya Santoso

Other Topics

On a Practical Notion of Geoffrion Proper Optimality in Multicriteria Optimization
Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, Joydeep Dutta, Kalyanmoy Deb, Poonam Kesarwani

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