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Optimization Online Digest — March 2017

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

A new mixed integer linear model for the berth allocation and quay crane assignment problem
Juan F. Correcher, Ramon Alvarez-Valdes, Jose M. Tamarit

A Novel Matching Formulation for Startup Costs in Unit Commitment
Ben Knueven, Jim Ostrowski, Jean-Paul Watson

Single-Machine Common Due Date Total Earliness/Tardiness Scheduling with Machine Unavailability
Kerem Bulbul, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum, Halil Sen

Speed optimization over a path with heterogeneous arc costs
Qie He, Zhang Xiaochen, Kameng Nip

A Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithm for the Berth Allocation and Quay Crane Assignment Problem
Juan F. Correcher, Ramon Alvarez-Valdes

Location of charging stations in electric car sharing systems
Georg Brandstätter, Markus Leitner, Ivana Ljubic

Determining optimal locations for charging stations of electric car-sharing systems under stochastic demand
Georg Brandstätter, Michael Kahr, Markus Leitner

Optimal Storage and Transmission Investments in a Bilevel Electricity Market Model
Martin Weibelzahl, Alexandra Märtz

On the Effects of Storage Facilities on Optimal Zonal Pricing in Electricity Markets
Martin Weibelzahl, Alexandra Märtz

Applications — Science and Engineering

Matrix Minor Reformulation and SOCP-based Spatial Branch-and-Cut Method for the AC Optimal Power Flow Problem
Burak Kocuk, Santanu S. Dey, X. Andy Sun

MPC as a DVI: Implications on Sampling Rates and Accuracy
Mihai Anitescu, Victor Zavala

On Procrustes matching of non-negative matrices and an application to random tomography
Christian Rau

Polynomial-Time Methods to Solve Unimodular Quadratic Programs With Performance Guarantees
Shankarachary Ragi, Edwin K.P. Chong, Hans D. Mittelmann

Combinatorial Optimization

On Matroid Parity and Matching Polytopes
Konstantinos Kaparis, Adam Letchford, Ioannis Mourtos

A Novel Approach for Solving Convex Problems with Cardinality Constraints
Goran Banjac, Paul Goulart

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

James Burke, Yuan Gao, Tim Hoheisel

A novel parameterized proximal point algorithm with applications in statistical learning
Jianchao Bai, Jicheng Li, Jiaofen Li

The Fastest Known Globally Convergent First-Order Method for the Minimization of Strongly Convex Functions
Bryan Van Scoy, Randy Freeman, Kevin Lynch

A block symmetric Gauss-Seidel decomposition theorem for convex composite quadratic programming and its applications
Xudong Li, Defeng Sun, Kim-Chuan Toh

Symmetric ADMM with Positive-Indefinite Proximal Regularization for Linearly Constrained Convex Optimization
Bin Gao, Feng Ma

Direct Search Methods on Reductive Homogeneous Spaces
Dreisigmeyer David

Radial Subgradient Descent
Benjamin Grimmer

Linear Convergence of Proximal Incremental Aggregated Gradient Methods under Quadratic Growth Condition
Hui Zhang

Global Optimization

Solving sparse polynomial optimization problems with chordal structure using the sparse, bounded-degree sum-of-squares hierarchy
Ahmadreza Marandi, Etienne de Klerk, Joachim Dahl

Upper and lower bounds for ranks of matrix products composed by generalized inverses with applications
Yongge Tian, Bo Jiang

Packing circles in a square: a theoretical comparison of various convexification techniques
aida khajavirad

Complex Number Formulation and Convex Relaxations for Aircraft Conflict Resolution
David Rey, Hassan Hijazi

Integer Programming

Partial hyperplane activation for generalized intersection cuts
Aleksandr M. Kazachkov, Selvaprabu Nadarajah, Egon Balas, François Margot

Random Sampling and Machine Learning to Understand Good Decompositions
Saverio Basso, Alberto Ceselli, Andrea Tettamanzi

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

A semi-analytical approach for the positive semidefinite Procrustes problem
Nicolas Gillis, Punit Sharma

Comparison of Lasserre's measure--based bounds for polynomial optimization to bounds obtained by simulated annealing
Etienne De Klerk, Monique Laurent

Conic relaxation approaches for equal deployment problems
Sena Safarina, Satoko Moriguchi, Tim J. Mullin, Makoto Yamashita

Lyapunov rank of polyhedral positive operators
Michael Orlitzky

Yohann de Castro, Fabrice Gamboa, Didier Henrion, Roxana Hess, Jean Bernard Lasserre

Plea for a semidefinite optimization solver in complex numbers
J. Ch. Gilbert, C. Josz

Nonlinear Optimization

A note on quadratic forms with applications in optimization
Gabriel Haeser

BFGS convergence to nonsmooth minimizers of convex functions
Jiayi Guo, Adrian Lewis

New Active-Set Frank-Wolfe Variants for Minimization over the Simplex and the l1-Ball
Cristofari Andrea, De Santis Marianna, Lucidi Stefano, Rinaldi Francesco

Dantzig Wolfe decomposition and objective function convexification for binary quadratic problems: the cardinality constrained quadratic knapsack case
Alberto Ceselli, Lucas Létocart, Emiliano Traversi

Automatic Differentiation of the Open CASCADE Technology CAD System and its coupling with an Adjoint CFD Solver
Mladen Banovic, Orest Mykhaskiv, Salvatore Auriemma, Andrea Walther, Herve Legrand, Jens-Dominik Müller

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

The SCIP Optimization Suite 4.0
Stephen J. Maher, Tobias Fischer, Tristan Gally, Gerald Gamrath, Ambros Gleixner, Robert Lion Gottwald, Gregor Hendel, Thorsten Koch, Marco E. Lübbecke, Matthias Miltenberger, Benjamin Müller, Marc E. Pfetsch, Christian Puchert, Daniel Rehfeldt, Sebastian Schenker, Robert Schwarz, Felipe Serrano, Yuji Shinano, Dieter Weninger, Jonas T. Witt, Jakob Witzig

Stochastic Programming

A successive linear programming algorithm with non-linear time series for the reservoir management problem
Charles Gauvin, Erick Delage, Michel Gendreau

A Stability Result for Linear Markov Decision Processes
David Wozabal, Adriana Kiszka

Forecast-based scenario-tree generation method
Michal Kaut

Learning Enabled Optimization: Towards a Fusion of Statistical Learning and Stochastic Optimization
Suvrajeet Sen, Yunxiao Deng

Optimal scenario generation and reduction in stochastic programming
Rene Henrion, Werner Roemisch

A randomized method for smooth convex minimization, motivated by probability maximization
Csaba I Fabian, Tamas Szantai

An Analytical Study of Norms and Banach Spaces Induced by the Entropic Value-at-Risk
Ahmadi-Javid Amir, Pichler Alois

Distributionally Robust Newsvendor Problems with Variation Distance
Hamed Rahimian, Guzin Bayraksan, Tito Homem-de-Mello

Other Topics

A Feasibility Pump and Local Search Based Heuristic for Bi-objective Pure Integer Linear Programming
Aritra Pal, Hadi Charkhgard

An Introduction to Multi-Objective Simulation Optimization
Susan R. Hunter, Eric A. Applegate, Viplove Arora, Bryan Chong, Kyle Cooper, Oscar Rincon-Guevara, Carolina Vivas-Valencia

A Comment on the Paper `The Algebraic Structure of the Arbitrary-Order Cone'
Baha Alzalg

A hybrid approach for Bi-Objective Optimization
Thomas Stidsen, Kim Allan Andersen

On generalized-convex constrained multi-objective optimization
Christian Günther, Christiane Tammer

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