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Optimization Online Digest — July 2017

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

An enhanced L-Shaped method for optimizing periodic-review inventory control problems modeled via two-stage stochastic programming
Fabricio Oliveira, Felipe Placido

Coordination of a two-level supply chain with contracts under complete or asymmetric information
Siao-Leu Phouratsamay, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum, Fanny Pascual

Disruption Recovery at Airports: Integer Programming Formulations and Polynomial time algorithms
Prabhu Manyem

Mathematical models for Multi Container Loading Problems with practical constraints
M.T alonso, R. Alvarez-valdes, M. Iori, F. Parreńo

Crowdshipping and Same-day Delivery: Employing In-store Customers to Deliver Online Orders
Iman Dayarian, Martin Savelsbergh

Benders decomposition of the resource constrained project scheduling problem
SE Terblanche, JH van Vuuren

Combinatorial Optimization

Improved Space-State Relaxation for Constrained Two-Dimensional Guillotine Cutting Problems
André Velasco, Eduardo Uchoa

Toward breaking the curse of dimensionality: an FPTAS for stochastic dynamic programs with multidimensional action and scalar state
Nir Halman, Giacomo Nannicini

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Iteration complexity on the Generalized Peaceman-Rachford splitting method for separable convex programming
Zhang Xue-Qing , Peng Jian-Wen

Improved proximal ADMM with partially parallel splitting for multi-block separable convex programming
Min Sun, Hongchun Sun

Non-smooth Non-convex Bregman Minimization: Unification and new Algorithms
Peter Ochs, Jalal Fadili, Thomas Brox

Dynamic Stochastic Approximation for Multi-stage Stochastic Optimization
Guanghui Lan, Zhiqiang Zhou

Self-concordant inclusions: A unified framework for path-following generalized Newton-type algorithms
Quoc Tran Dinh, Tianxiao Sun, Shu Lu

Convergence of first-order methods via the convex conjugate
Javier Pena

Randomized Similar Triangles Method: A Unifying Framework for Accelerated Randomized Optimization Methods (Coordinate Descent, Directional Search, Derivative-Free Method)
Pavel Dvurechensky, Alexander Gasnikov, Alexander Tiurin

Implementing the ADMM to Big Datasets: A Case Study of LASSO
Hangrui Yue, Qingzhi Yang, Xiangfeng Wang, Xiaoming Yuan

Global Optimization

Invex Optimization Revisited
Ksenia Bestuzheva, Hassan Hijazi

Facets of a mixed-integer bilinear covering set with bounds on variables
Hamidur Rahman, Ashutosh Mahajan

Infinite Dimensional Optimization

A simplex method for uncapacitated pure-supply infinite network flow problems
Christopher T. Ryan, Robert L. Smith, Marina A. Epelman

Integer Programming

A branch-and-bound algorithm for the minimum radius k-enclosing ball problem
Marta Cavaleiro, Farid Alizadeh

A Decomposition Method for MINLPs with Lipschitz Continuous Nonlinearities
Martin Schmidt, Mathias Sirvent, Winnifried Wollner

Four good reasons to use an Interior Point solver within a MIP solver
Timo Berthold, Michael Perregaard, Csaba Mészáros

Nonconvex piecewise linear functions: Advanced formulations and simple modeling tools
Joey Huchette, Juan Pablo Vielma

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

A rounding procedure for semidefinite optimization
Ali Mohammad-Nezhad, Tamas Terlaky

Permuting Spiked Matrices to Triangular Form and its Application to the Forrest-Tomlin Update
Lukas Schork, Jacek Gondzio

Measuring axial symmetry in convex cones
Alberto Seeger, Mounir Torki

Equivalences and Differences in Conic Relaxations of Combinatorial Quadratic Optimization Problems
Naoki Ito, Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Akiko Takeda, Kim-Chuan Toh

A New Certificate For Copositivity
Peter J.C. Dickinson

Network Optimization

A biobjective p-hub median problem: properties and algorithms for the Pareto frontier
Banu Soylu, Hatice Katip

Nonlinear Optimization

On the behavior of Lagrange multipliers in convex and non-convex infeasible interior point methods
Gabriel Haeser, Oliver Hinder, Yinyu Ye

A Robust Multi-Batch L-BFGS Method for Machine Learning
Albert S Berahas, Martin Takáč

Robust Optimization

Robust PageRank: Stationary Distribution on a Growing Network Structure
Anna Timonina-Farkas

Stochastic Programming

Inexact decomposition methods for solving deterministic and stochastic convex dynamic programming equations
Vincent Guigues

A deterministic algorithm for solving multistage stochastic programming problems
Regan Baucke, Anthony Downward, Golbon Zakeri

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