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Optimization Online Digest — September 2017

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Same-Day Delivery with Drone Resupply
Iman Dayarian, Martin Savelsbergh, John-Paul Clarke

Computation of exact bootstrap confidence intervals: complexity and deterministic algorithms
Dimitris Bertsimas, Bradley Sturt

Partially-Ranked Choice Models for Data-Driven Assortment Optimization
Sanjay Dominik Jena, Andrea Lodi, Hugo Palmer

A Criterion Space Search Algorithm for Biobjective Mixed Integer Programming: the Boxed Line Method
Tyler Perini, Natashia Boland, Diego Pecin, Martin Savelsbergh

Constraints reduction programming by subset selection: a study from numerical aspect
Yuan Shen

Robust Sensitivity Analysis for Linear Programming with Ellipsoidal Perturbation
Ruotian Gao, Wenxun Xing

Applications — Science and Engineering

On the use of the saddle formulation in weakly-constrained 4D-VAR data assimilation
Serge Gratton, Selime Gürol, Ehouarn Simon, Philippe Toint

Combinatorial Optimization

Two-Dimensional Maximum p-Coverage Problem with Partial Coverage
Manish Bansal

Comparative Analysis of Capacitated Arc Routing Formulations for Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithms
Diego Pecin, Eduardo Uchoa

A General Regularized Continuous Formulation for the Maximum Clique Problem
James T. Hungerford, Francesco Rinaldi

The Vertex k-cut Problem
Denis Cornaz, Fabio Furini, Mathieu Lacroix, Enrico Malaguti, A. Ridha Mahjoub, Sébastien Martin

A Note on Submodular Function Minimization by Chubanov's LP Algorithm
Satoru Fujishige

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Convergence Analysis of Processes with Valiant Projection Operators in Hilbert Space
Yair Censor, Rafiq Mansour

An incremental mirror descent subgradient algorithm with random sweeping and proximal step
Radu Ioan Bot, Axel Böhm

Inner Conditions for Error Bounds and Metric Subregulerity of Multifunctions
D. Azé

Optimal Linearized Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Convex Programming
Bingsheng He, Feng Ma, Xiaoming Yuan

On the Optimal Proximal Parameter of an ADMM-like Splitting Method for Separable Convex Programming
Bingsheng He, Xiaoming Yuan

Integer Programming

Exploiting sparsity for the min k-partition problem
Guanglei Wang, Hassan Hijazi

Shaping and Trimming Branch-and-bound Trees
Philipp M. Christophel, Imre Polik

Double-Perspective Functions for Mixed-Integer Fractional Programs with Indicator Variables
Adam N. Letchford, Qiang Ni, Zhaoyu Zhong

A mixed-integer branching approach for very small formulations of disjunctive constraints
Joey Huchette, Juan Pablo Vielma

A novel branch-and-bound algorithm for quadratic mixed-integer problems with quadratic constraints
Simone Goettlich, Kathinka Hameister, Michael Herty

Lower bounds on the lattice-free rank for packing and covering integer programs
Merve Bodur, Alberto Del Pia, Santanu S. Dey, Marco Molinaro

Compact Representation of Near-Optimal Integer Programming Solutions
Thiago Serra, John Hooker

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Perturbation analysis of nonlinear semidefinite programming under Jacobian uniqueness conditions
Ziran Yin, Liwei Zhang

Perturbation analysis of a class of conic programming problems under Jacobian uniqueness conditions
Ziran Yin, Liwei Zhang

Worst-case convergence analysis of gradient and Newton methods through semidefinite programming performance estimation
Etienne De Klerk, Francois Glineur, Adrien Taylor

Maintaining a Basis Matrix in the Linear Programming Interior Point Method
Lukas Schork, Jacek Gondzio

Network Optimization

Parsimonious formulations for low-diameter clusters
Austin Buchanan, Hosseinali Salemi

Nonlinear Optimization

A sequential optimality condition related to the quasinormality constraint qualification and its algorithmic consequences
R. Andreani, N. S. Fazzio, M. L. Schuverdt, L. D. Secchin

Complementarity-Based Nonlinear Programming Techniques for Optimal Mixing in Gas Networks
Falk M. Hante, Martin Schmidt

A convergence frame for inexact nonconvex and nonsmooth algorithms and its applications to several iterations
Sun Tao, Jiang Hao, Cheng Lizhi, Zhu Wei

Iteratively Linearized Reweighted Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for a Class of Nonconvex Problems
Sun Tao, Jiang Hao , Cheng Lizhi

Worst-case evaluation complexity and optimality of second-order methods for nonconvex smooth optimization
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas I. M. Gould, Philippe L. Toint

A note on preconditioning weighted linear least squares, with consequences for weakly-constrained variational data assimilation
Serge Gratton, Selime Gürol, Ehouarn Simon, Philippe Toint

An Inexact Regularized Newton Framework with a Worst-Case Iteration Complexity of $\mathcal{O}(\epsilon^{-3/2})$ for Nonconvex Optimization
Frank E. Curtis, Daniel P. Robinson, Mohammadreza Samadi

Large-scale packing of ellipsoids
E. G. Birgin, R. D. Lobato

Robust Optimization

Robust Combinatorial Optimization under Convex and Discrete Cost Uncertainty
Christoph Buchheim, Jannis Kurtz

Constraint Generation for Two-Stage Robust Network Flow Problem
David Simchi-Levi, He Wang, Yehua Wei

Robust combinatorial optimization with knapsack uncertainty
M. Poss

Time inconsistency of optimal policies of distributionally robust inventory models
Alexander Shapiro, Linwei Xin

Stochastic Programming

Modeling Time-dependent Randomness in Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
Nils Löhndorf, Alexander Shapiro

A Sigmoidal Approximation for Chance-constrained Nonlinear Programs
Yankai Cao, Victor Zavala

Other Topics

Time-Indexed Relaxations for the Online Bipartite Matching Problem
Alfredo Torrico, Alejandro Toriello

FPBH.jl: A Feasibility Pump Based Heuristic for Multi-objective Mixed Integer Linear Programming in Julia
Aritra Pal, Hadi Charkhgard

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