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Optimization Online Digest — April 2018

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Location Selection of Add-on Retail Products
Teng Huang, David Bergman, Ram Gopal

Using Nemirovski's Mirror-Prox method as Basic Procedure in Chubanov's method for solving homogeneous feasibility problems
Wei Zhang , Kees Roos

High-Performance Computing for the Optimization of High-Pressure Thermal treatments in Food Industry
M. R. Ferrández, S. Puertas-Martín, J. L. Redondo, B. Ivorra, A. M. Ramos, P. M. Ortigosa

Layered graph approaches for combinatorial optimization problems
Luis Gouveia, Markus Leitner, Mario Ruthmair

The Meal Delivery Routing Problem
Damian Reyes, Alan Erera, Martin Savelsbergh, Sagar Sahasrabudhe, Ryan O'Neil

Mileage Bands in Freight Transportation
Maciek Nowak, Mike Hewitt, Hussam Bachour

Applications — Science and Engineering

Moments and convex optimization for analysis and control of nonlinear partial differential equations
Milan Korda, Didier Henrion, Jean Bernard Lasserre

Combinatorial Optimization

Parity Polytopes and Binarization
Dominik Ermel, Matthias Walter

Improving the linear relaxation of maximum $k$-cut with semidefinite-based constraints
Vilmar Jefté Rodrigues de Sousa, Miguel F. Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

A linear bound on the integrality gap for Sum-Up Rounding in the presence of vanishing constraints
Paul Manns, Christian Kirches, Felix Lenders

An Improved Flow-based Formulation and Reduction Principles for the Minimum Connectivity Inference Problem
Muhammad Abid Dar, Andreas Fischer, John Martinovic, Guntram Scheithauer

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

On Integer and MPCC Representability of Affine Sparsity
Hongbo Dong

Golden Ratio Algorithms for Variational Inequalities
Yura Malitsky

A Special Complementarity Function Revisited
Roger Behling, Andreas Fischer, Klaus Schönefeld, Nico Strasdat

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

BBCPOP: A Sparse Doubly Nonnegative Relaxation of Polynomial Optimization Problems with Binary, Box and Complementarity Constraints
Naoki Ito, Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Akiko Takeda, Kim-Chuan Toh

User Manual for BBCPOP: A Sparse Doubly Nonnegative Relaxation of Polynomial Optimization Problems with Binary, Box and Complementarity Constraints
Naoki Ito, Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Akiko Takeda, Kim-Chuan Toh

Complexity of gradient descent for multiobjective optimization
J. Fliege, A. I. F. Vaz, L. N. Vicente

Primal-Dual Interior-Point Methods for Domain-Driven Formulations: Algorithms
Mehdi Karimi, Levent Tuncel

Fast Multilevel Algorithms for Compressive Principle Component Pursuit
Vahan Hovhannisyan, Yannis Panagakis, Panos Parpas, Stefanos Zafeiriou

An algorithm to compute the Hoffman constant of a system of linear constraints
Javier Pena, Juan Vera, Luis Zuluaga

Gradient Sampling Methods for Nonsmooth Optimization
James V. Burke, Frank E. Curtis, Adrian S. Lewis, Michael L. Overton, Lucas E. A. Simőes

Global Optimization

Rigorous global filtering methods with interval unions
Ferenc Domes, Tiago Montanher, Hermann Schichl, Arnold Neumaier

Rigorous packing of unit squares into a circle
Tiago Montanher, Arnold Neumaier, Mihály Markót

Tightening McCormick Relaxations Toward Global Solution of the ACOPF Problem
Michael Bynum, Anya Castillo, Jean-Paul Watson, Carl Laird

Integer Programming

Concave Integer Quadratic Programming with Totally Unimodular Matrices
Alberto Del Pia

The Cost of Not Knowing Enough: Mixed-Integer Optimization with Implicit Lipschitz Nonlinearities
Martin Schmidt, Mathias Sirvent, Winnifried Wollner

OOES.jl: A julia package for optimizing a linear function over the set of efficient solutions for bi-objective mixed integer linear programming
Alvaro Sierra-Altamiranda, Hadi Charkhgard

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Solving Pooling Problems by LP and SOCP Relaxations and Rescheduling Methods
Masaki Kimizuka, Sunyoung Kim, Makoto Yamashita

A quadratic penalty algorithm for linear programming and its application to linearizations of quadratic assignment problems
I. L. Galabova, J. A. J. Hall

Nonlinear Optimization

A Merit Function Approach for Evolution Strategies
Y. Diouane

Block Coordinate Proximal Gradient Method for Nonconvex Optimization Problems: Convergence Analysis
Xiangfeng Wang , Xiaoming Yuan, Shangzhi Zeng, Jin Zhang, Jinchuan Zhou

Representation of distributionally robust chance-constraints
Jean B Lasserre, Tillmann Weisser

Improved Regularity Assumptions for Partial Outer Convexification of MIPDECOs
Paul Manns, Christian Kirches

Lectures on Parametric Optimization: An Introduction
Georg Still

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

A computational study of global optimization solvers on two trust region subproblems
Tiago Montanher, Arnold Neumaier, Ferenc Domes

Robust Optimization

An Active Set Algorithm for Robust Combinatorial Optimization Based on Separation Oracles
Christoph Buchheim, Marianna De Santis

Robust Standard Quadratic Optimization Problems and Dominant Set Clustering
Immanuel M. Bomze, Michael Kahr, Markus Leitner

Monitoring With Limited Information
Dan Iancu, Nikolaos Trichakis, Do Young Yoon

Shortfall Risk Models When Information of Loss Function Is Incomplete
Erick Delage, Guo Shaoyan, Huifu Xu

Stochastic Programming

An algorithm for solving infinite horizon Markov dynamic programmes
Regan Baucke

Exact converging bounds for Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming via Fenchel duality
V Leclčre, P Carpentier, J-Ph Chancelier, A Lenoir, F Pacaud

Dynamic Risked Equilibrium
Michael Ferris, Andy Philpott

Quantitative Stability of Two-stage Stochastic Linear Programs with Full Random Recourse
Jie Jiang, Zhiping Chen

Other Topics

A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for a Class of Mixed Integer Linear Maximum Multiplicative Programs: A Multi-objective Optimization Approach
Payman Ghasemi Saghand, Hadi Charkhgard, Changhyun Kwon

GoNDEF: A New Exact Method to Generate All Non-Dominated Points of Multi-Objective Mixed-Integer Linear Programs
Seyyed Amir Babak Rasmi, Turkay Metin

MSEA.jl: A Multi-Stage Exact Algorithm for Bi-objective Pure Integer Linear Programming in Julia
Aritra Pal, Hadi Charkhgard

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