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Optimization Online Digest — July 2018

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Coordination of a two-level supply chain with contracts
Siao-Leu Phouratsamay, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum, Fanny Pascual

Dynamic Scheduling of Home Health Care Patients to Medical Providers
Andre Augusto Cire, Adam Diamant

Multistage Stochastic Demand-side Management for Price-Making Major Consumers of Electricity
Mahbubeh Habibian, Anthony Downward, Golbon Zakeri

Fleet Sizing and Empty Freight Car Allocation
Sebastian Steininger, Philipp Hungerländer

Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Control and Coordinate Operations, Asset Loading and Maintenance
Murat Yildirim, Nagi Gebraeel, X. Andy Sun

Portfolio Optimization with Nondominated Priors and Unbounded Parameters

Seamless Multimodal Transportation Scheduling
Arvind Raghunathan, David Bergman, John Hooker, Thiago Serra, Shingo Kobori

A two-stage stochastic optimization model for the Bike sharing allocation and rebalancing problem
Rossana Cavagnini, Luca Bertazzi, Francesca Maggioni, Mike Hewitt

A new drayage problem with different customer services and container requirements
Federica Bomboi, Massimo Di Francesco, Jonas Pruente

Dynamic Emergency Medical Services Network Design: A Novel Probabilistic Envelope Constrained Stochastic Model and Decomposition Scheme
Chun Peng, Erick Delage, Jinlin Li

Applications — Science and Engineering

A robust bi-objective optimization approach for operating a shared energy storage under price uncertainty
Rui Dai, Hadi Charkhgard, Fabian Rigterink

ACQUIRE: an inexact iteratively reweighted norm approach for TV-based Poisson image restoration
Daniela di Serafino, Germana Landi, Marco Viola

Combinatorial Optimization

The sharpest column: stabilizing column generation for the bin packing problem via a lexicographic pricer
Stefano Coniglio, Fabio D’Andreagiovanni, Fabio Furini

Why is maximum clique often easy in practice?
Jose L. Walteros, Austin Buchanan

On a reduction of the weighted induced bipartite subgraph problem to the weighted independent set problem
Yotaro Takazawa, Shinji Mizuno

Best case exponential running time of a branch-and-bound algorithm using an optimal semidefinite relaxation
Florian Jarre

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

Weighted LCPs and interior point systems for copositive linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras
M. S. Gowda

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Finite convergence and weak sharpness for solutions of nonsmooth variational inequalities in Hilbert spaces
Luong Nguyen, Qamrul Hasan Ansari, Xiaolong Qin

Characterizations of Differentiability, Smoothing Techniques and DC Programming with Applications to Image Reconstructions
Le Thi Hoai An, Daniel Giles, Nguyen Mau Nam

The Cyclic Douglas-Rachford Algorithm with r-sets-Douglas-Rachford Operators
Francisco J. Aragón Artacho, Yair Censor, Aviv Gibali

Minimizing convex quadratics with variable precision Krylov methods
Serge Gratton, Ehouarn Simon, Philippe L. Toint

Generalized Stochastic Frank-Wolfe Algorithm with Stochastic "Substitute'' Gradient for Structured Convex Optimization
Haihao Lu, Robert Freund

Inexact Variable Metric Stochastic Block-Coordinate Descent for Regularized Optimization
Ching-pei Lee, Stephen Wright

Integer Programming

A Note on ``A linear-size zero-one programming model for the minimum spanning tree problem in planar graphs"
Hamidreza Validi, Austin Buchanan

Efficient Solution of Maximum-Entropy Sampling Problems
Kurt Anstreicher

Adaptive Algorithmic Behavior for Solving Mixed Integer Programs Using Bandit Algorithms
Gregor Hendel, Matthias Miltenberger, Jakob Witzig

Scanning integer points with lex-cuts: A finite cutting plane algorithm for integer programming with linear objective
Michele Conforti, Marianna De Santis, Marco Di Summa, Francesco Rinaldi

Mixed-Integer Programming Techniques for the Connected Max-k-Cut Problem
Christopher Hojny, Imke Joormann, Hendrik Lüthen, Martin Schmidt

All Cyclic Group Facets Inject
Matthias Köppe, Yuan Zhou

Cutting Planes by Projecting Interior Points onto Polytope Facets
Daniel Porumbel

Split cuts from sparse disjunctions
Ricardo Fukasawa, Laurent Poirrier, Shenghao Yang

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Convex computation of extremal invariant measures of nonlinear dynamical systems and Markov processes
Milan Korda, Didier Henrion, Igor Mezic

Semidenite Approximations of Invariant Measures for Polynomial Systems
Victor Magron, Marcelo Forets, Didier Henrion

Finding Minimum Volume Circumscribing Ellipsoids Using Copositive Programming
Areesh Mittal, Grani Hanasusanto

An improved projection and rescaling algorithm for conic feasibility problems
Wei Zhang, Kees Roos, Yanqin Bai

Network Optimization

Efficient Algorithms for Flow over Time Evacuation Planning Problems with Lane Reversal Strategy
Urmila Pyakurel, Stephan Dempe, Tanka Nath Dhamala

A Critical Survey on the Network Optimization Algorithms for Evacuation Planning Problems
Tanka Nath Dhamala, Urmila Pyakurel, Stephan Dempe

A Fast Max Flow Algorithm
Xiao-yue Gong, James Orlin

Nonlinear Optimization

A Stochastic Levenberg-Marquardt Method Using Random Models with Application to Data Assimilation
E. Bergou, Y. Diouane, V. Kungurtsev, C. Royer

A conjugate gradient-based algorithm for large-scale quadratic programming problem with one quadratic constraint
Akram Taati, Maziar Salahi

Significant Generalization of the Convergence Proof for the Direct Transcription Method for Constrained Optimal Control Problems
Martin Neuenhofen

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

Decentralized Algorithms for Distributed Integer Programming Problems with a Coupling Cardinality Constraint
Ezgi Karabulut, Shabbir Ahmed, George Nemhauser

Robust Optimization

Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Optimization with Wasserstein Metric
Ran Ji, Miguel Lejeune

Strictly and Γ-Robust Counterparts of Electricity Market Models: Perfect Competition and Nash-Cournot Equilibria
Anja Kramer, Vanessa Krebs, Martin Schmidt

Robust Multidimensional Pricing: Separation without Regret
Çağıl Koçyiğit, Napat Rujeerapaiboon, Daniel Kuhn

Stochastic Programming

SPIDER: Near-Optimal Non-Convex Optimization via Stochastic Path Integrated Differential Estimator
Cong Fang, Chris Junchi Li, Zhouchen Lin, Tong Zhang

Other Topics

Assessment of systemic vulnerabilities in container shipping networks with consideration of transhipment
Pablo E. Achurra-Gonzalez, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Nils Goldbeck, Konstantinos Zavitsas, Daniel J. Graham, Marc Stettler

A new concept of slope for set-valued maps and applications in set optimization studied with Kuroiwa's set approach
Xuan Duc Ha Truong

The Frontier Partitioner Algorithm: a Branch and Cut algorithm for Biobjective Integer Programming
Marianna De Santis, Giorgio Grani, Laura Palagi

A Wolfe line search algorithm for vector optimization
L. R. Lucambio Pérez, L. F. Prudente

Multi-objective Ranking and Selection: Optimal Sampling Laws and Tractable Approximations via SCORE
Eric A. Applegate, Guy Feldman, Susan R. Hunter, Raghu Pasupathy

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