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Optimization Online Digest — August 2018

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

The Multiple Traveling Salesperson Problem on Regular Grids
Philipp Hungerländer, Anna Jellen, Stefan Jessenitschnig, Lisa Knoblinger, Manuel Lackenbucher, Kerstin Maier

An Integer Programming Formulation of the Key Management Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks
Guanglin Xu, Alexander Semenov, Maciej Rysz

An Iterative Re-optimization Framework for the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Roaming Delivery Locations
Gizem Ozbaygin, Martin Savelsbergh

A Partial PPA block-wise ADMM for Multi-Block Constrained Separable Convex Optimization
Yuan Shen

A multi-stage stochastic integer programming approach for a multi-echelon lot-sizing problem with returns and lost sales
Franco Quezada, Céline Gicquel, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum, Quan Dong

Location and Capacity Planning of Facilities with General Service-Time Distributions Using Conic Optimization
Amir Ahmadi-Javid, Oded Berman, Pooya Hoseinpour

Optimizing Package Express Operations in China
Baris Yildiz, Martin Savelsbergh

Combinatorial Optimization

Efficient heuristic algorithm for identifying critical nodes in planar networks
Dalaijargal Purevusren, Gang Cui

On Lifted Cover Inequalities: A New Lifting Procedure with Unusual Properties
Adam N. Letchford, Georgia Souli

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

Conditional Extragradient Algorithms for Solving Constrained Variational Inequalities
Yunier Bello-Cruz, R. Diaz Millan, Hung M. Phan

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

On the Linear Convergence of Difference-of-convex Algorithms for Nonsmooth DC Programming
Min Tao, Hongbo Dong

Accelerated Bregman Proximal Gradient Methods for Relatively Smooth Convex Optimization
Filip Hanzely, Peter Richtarik, Lin Xiao

A fundamental proof to convergence analysis of alternating direction method of multipliers for weakly convex optimization
Tao Zhang, Shen Zhengwei

Asynchronous Sequential Inertial Iterations for Common Fixed Points Problems with an Application to Linear Systems
Howard Heaton, Yair Censor

Bilevel optimization: theory, algorithms and applications
Stephan Dempe

The primal-dual hybrid gradient method reduces to a primal method for linearly constrained optimization problems
Yura Malitsky

Alternating Direction Methods of Multipliers with the BFGS update for Convex Optimization Problems
Yan Gu, Nobuo Yamashita

Global Optimization

A hybrid algorithm for the two-trust-region subproblem
Saeid Ansary Karbasy, Maziar Salahi

Polynomial Optimization on Chebyshev-Dubiner Webs of Starlike Polygons
Marco Vianello

Markov inequalities, Dubiner distance, norming meshes and polynomial optimization on convex bodies
Federico Piazzon, Marco Vianello

A new dual for quadratic programming and its applications
moslem Zamani

Efficient global unconstrained black box optimization
Morteza Kimiaei, Arnold Neumaier

Infinite Dimensional Optimization

Time-Varying Semidefinite Programs
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Bachir El Khadir

Integer Programming

On Some Polytopes Contained in the 0,1 Hypercube that Have a Small Chvatal Rank
Gerard Cornuejols, Dabeen Lee

On the Rational Polytopes with Chvatal Rank 1
Gerard Cornuejols, Dabeen Lee, Yanjun Li

On the NP-hardness of deciding emptiness of the split closure of a rational polytope in the 0,1 hypercube
Dabeen Lee

Mixed-integer bilevel representability
Amitabh Basu, Christopher Thomas Ryan, Sriram Sankaranarayanan

Outer Approximation With Conic Certificates For Mixed-Integer Convex Problems
Chris Coey, Miles Lubin, Juan Pablo Vielma

Decomposition Branching for Mixed Integer Programming
Baris Yildiz, Boland Natashia, Martin Savelsbergh

On Subadditive Duality for Conic Mixed-Integer Programs
Diego Moran, Burak Kocuk

A mixed-integer fractional optimization approach to best subset selection
Andres Gomez, Oleg Prokopyev

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Positive semidefinite matrix approximation with a trace constraint
Kouhei Harada

Network Optimization

Resource-enabled pathfinding with mandatory waypoints and turn constraints
Doug Altner

Nonlinear Optimization

Theoretical study of an adaptive cubic regularization method with dynamic inexact Hessian information
stefania Bellavia, Gianmarco Gurioli, Benedetta Morini

Local convergence analysis of the Levenberg-Marquardt framework for nonzero-residue nonlinear least-squares problems under an error bound condition
Roger Behling, Douglas S. Gonçalves, Sandra A. Santos

Robust Optimization

The Distributionally Robust Chance Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem
Shubhechyya Ghosal, Wolfram Wiesemann

Improved Decision Rule Approximations for Multi-Stage Robust Optimization via Copositive Programming
Guanglin Xu, Grani Hanasusanto

On robust fractional 0-1 programming
Erfan Mehmanchi, Colin Gillen, Andres Gomez, Oleg Prokopyev

Stochastic Programming

The Value of Multi-stage Stochastic Programming in Risk-averse Unit Commitment under Uncertainty
Ali Irfan Mahmutogullari, Shabbir Ahmed, Ozlem Cavus, M. Selim Akturk

On Solving Two-Stage Distributionally Robust Disjunctive Programs with a General Ambiguity Set
Manish Bansal, Sanjay Mehrotra

Asymptotic results of Stochastic Decomposition for Two-stage Stochastic Quadratic Programming
Junyi Liu, Suvrajeet Sen

Risk averse stochastic programming: time consistency and optimal stopping
Alois Pichler, Alexander Shapiro

Chance Constrained Programs with Mixture Distributions
Zhaolin Hu, Wenjie Sun, Shushang Zhu

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