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Optimization Online Digest — September 2019

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

A Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Computing Convex Hull Prices
Bernard Knueven, James Ostrowski, Anya Castillo, Jean-Paul Watson

Exact approaches to the robust vehicle routing problem with time windows and multiple deliverymen
Jonathan De La Vega, Pedro Munari, Reinaldo Morabito

Nurse Staffing under Absenteeism: A Distributionally Robust Optimization Approach
Minseok Ryu, Ruiwei Jiang

Applications — Science and Engineering

An algorithm for optimization with disjoint linear constraints and its application for predicting rain
Tijana Janjic, Yvonne Ruckstuhl, Philippe L. Toint

Distance geometry and data science
Leo Liberti

Operations Planning Experiments for Power Systems with High Renewable Resources
Semih Atakan, Harsha Gangammanavar, Suvrajeet Sen

Combinatorial Optimization

Branch-and-Cut-and-Price for Multi-Agent Pathfinding
Edward Lam, Pierre Le Bodic, Daniel Harabor, Peter J. Stuckey

On Integer and Bilevel Formulations for the k-Vertex Cut Problem
Fabio Furini, Ivana Ljubic, Enrico Malaguti, Paolo Paronuzzi

Casting light on the hidden bilevel combinatorial structure of the k-Vertex Separator problem
Fabio Furini, Ivana Ljubic, Enrico Malaguti, Paolo Paronuzzi

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Generalized Gradients in Problems of Dynamic Optimization, Optimal Control, and Machine Learning
Vladimir Norkin

On Sum of Squares Representation of Convex Forms and Generalized Cauchy-Schwarz Inequalities

A sparse semismooth Newton based augmented Lagrangian method for large-scale support vector machines
Dunbiao Niu, Chengjing Wang, Peipei Tang, Qingsong Wang, Enbin Song

Integer Programming

Two-row and two-column mixed-integer presolve using hash-based pairing methods
Weikun Chen, Patrick Gemander, Ambros Gleixner, Leona Gottwald, Alexander Martin, Dieter Weninger

Tight compact extended relaxations for nonconvex quadratic programming problems with box constraints
Sven de Vries, Bernd Perscheid

Decentralized Online Integer Programming Problems with a Coupling Cardinality Constraint
Ezgi Karabulut, Shabbir Ahmed, George L. Nemhauser

An improved extended formulation for the odd cycle inequalities of the stable set polytope
Sven de Vries, Bernd Perscheid

Implementing the branch-and-cut approach for a general purpose Benders' decomposition framework
Stephen J Maher

Assessing the Effectiveness of (Parallel) Branch-and-bound Algorithms
Stephen J Maher, Ted K Ralphs, Yuji Shinano

Integer linear programming formulations for the minimum connectivity inference problem and model reduction principles
Muhammad Abid Dar, Andreas Fischer, John Martinovic, Guntram Scheithauer

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

A relaxed interior point method for low-rank semidefinite programming problems
Stefania Bellavia, Jacek Gondzio, Margherita Porcelli

On Polyhedral and Second-Order-Cone Decompositions of Semidefinite Optimization Problems
Dimitris Bertsimas, Ryan Cory-Wright

Nonlinear Optimization

Derivative-Free Superiorization: Principle and Algorithm
Yair Censor, Edgar Gardu˝o, Elias S. Helou, Gabor T. Herman

Simultaneous iterative solutions for the trust-region and minimum eigenvalue subproblem
Ioannis Akrotirianakis, Melanie Gratton, Joshua Griffin, Seyedalireza Yektamaram , Wenwen Zhou

An Average Curvature Accelerated Composite Gradient Method for Nonconvex Smooth Composite Optimization Problems
Jiaming Liang, Renato D.C. Monteiro

Mixed-Integer Optimal Control under Minimum Dwell Time Constraints
Clemens Zeile, Nicol˛ Robuschi, Sebastian Sager

On the Convergence to Stationary Points of Deterministic and Randomized Feasible Descent Directions Methods
Amir Beck, Nadav Hallak

Finding Second-Order Stationary Points in Constrained Minimization: A Feasible Direction Approach
Nadav Hallak, Marc Teboulle

Worst-case complexity bounds of directional direct-search methods for multiobjective derivative-free optimization
A. L. Cust\'{o}dio, Y. Diouane, R. Garmanjani, E. Riccietti

Substantiation of the Backpropagation Technique via the Hamilton-Pontryagin Formalism for Training Nonconvex Nonsmooth Neural Networks
Vladimir I. Norkin

An Infeasible Interior-point Arc-search Algorithm for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization
Einosuke Iida, Yaguang Yang, Makoto Yamashita

An analysis of the superiorization method via the principle of concentration of measure
Yair Censor, Eliahu Levy

Continuous selections of solutions for locally Lipschitzian equations
A.V. Arutyunov, A.F. Izmailov, S.E. Zhukovskiy

Robust Optimization

Robust Optimal Aiming Strategies in Concentrated Solar Tower Power Plants
Sascha Kuhnke, Pascal Richter, Fynn Kepp, Jeff Cumpston, Christina BŘsing

Robust Optimization with Decision-Dependent Information Discovery
Phebe Vayanos, Angelos Georghiou, Han Yu

Probabilistic guarantees in Robust Optimization
Dimitris Bertsimas, Dick den Hertog, Jean Pauphilet

Stochastic Programming

Penalized stochastic gradient methods for stochastic convex optimization with expectation constraints
Xiantao Xiao

Stationary Multistage Programs
Alexander Shapiro, Lingquan Ding

Risk-Averse Optimal Control
Alois Pichler, Ruben Schlottter

Stochastic generalized gradient methods for training nonconvex nonsmooth neural networks
Vladimir I. Norkin

Stochastic Dynamic Linear Programming: A Sequential Sampling-based Multistage Stochastic Programming Algorithm
Harsha Gangammanavar, Suvrajeet Sen

Other Topics

Objective Selection for Cancer Treatment: An Inverse Optimization Approach
Temitayo Ajayi, Taewoo Lee, Andrew Schaefer

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