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Optimization Online Digest — March 2020

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Practical Risk Modeling for the Stochastic Technician Routing and Scheduling Problem
Luke Marshall, Timur Tankayev

Service Network Design for Same-Day Delivery with Hub Capacity Constraints
Haotian Wu, Ian Herszterg, Martin Savelsbergh, Yixiao Huang

The Value of Randomizaed Strategies in Distributionally Robust Risk Averse Network Interdiction Games
Utsav Sadana, Erick Delage

Optimizing the Response for Arctic Mass Rescue Events
Mustafa Can Camur, Thomas C. Sharkey, Clare Dorsey, Martha Grabowski, William A. Wallace, Thomas A. Birkland, Marie Lowe

Stability in the the Hospitals / Residents problem with Couples and Ties: Mathematical models and computational studies
Maxence Delorme, Sergio Garcia, Jacek Gondzio, Joerg Kalcsics, David Manlove, William Pettersson

A K-Nearest Neighbor Heuristic for Real-Time DC Optimal Transmission Switching
Emma S Johnson, Shabbir Ahmed, Santanu S Dey, Jean-Paul Watson

A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands and Probabilistic Duration Constraints
Alexandre M. Florio, Richard F. Hartl, Stefan Minner, Juan-José Salazar-González

Applications — Science and Engineering

Some heuristic methods for the p-median problem with maximum distance constraints. Application to a bi-objective problem.
Adrián Esteban-Pérez, Jesús Sáez-Aguado, Luis A. San-José

The high-order block RIP for non-convex block-sparse compressed sensing
Huang Jianwe, Zhang Feng, Liu Xinling, Wang Hailing, Hou Jinyao, Wang Wendong

Optimization Problems Involving Matrix Multiplication with Applications in Material Science and Biology
Burak Kocuk

A mixed-integer linear programming approach for the T-row and the multi-bay facility layout problem
Mirko Dahlbeck

Effectively managing diagnostic tests to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy
Lorenzo Lampariello, Simone Sagratella

An MISOCP-Based Solution Approach to the Reactive Optimal Power Flow Problem
Sezen Ece Kayacık, Burak Kocuk

Combinatorial Optimization

Complexity of cutting planes and branch-and-bound in mixed-integer optimization
Amitabh Basu, Michele Conforti, Marco Di Summa, Hongyi Jiang

Split cuts in the plane
Amitabh Basu, Michele Conforti, Marco Di Summa, Hongyi Jiang

Improving solve times of stable matching problems through preprocessing
William Pettersson, Maxence Delorme, Sergio García, Jacek Gondzio, Joerg Kalcsics, David Manlove

Dynamic Node Packing
Christopher Muir, Alejandro Toriello

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities

An explicit Tikhonov algorithm for nested variational inequalities
Lorenzo Lampariello, Christoph Neumann, Jacopo M. Ricci, Simone Sagratella, Oliver Stein

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

The perturbation analysis of nonconvex low-rank matrix robust recovery
Huang Jianwen, Wang Jianjun, Wang Wendong, Zhang Feng

Geometry of First-Order Methods and Adaptive Acceleration
Clarice Poon, Jingwei Liang

Variable Smoothing for Weakly Convex Composite Functions
Axel Böhm, Stephen J. Wright

A proximal bundle variant with optimal iteration-complexity for a large range of prox stepsizes
Jiaming Liang, Renato D.C. Monteiro

A Partial PPa S-ADMM for Multi-Block for Separable Convex Optimization with Linear Constraints
Yuan Shen, Yannian Zuo, Aolin Yu

Revisiting Augmented Lagrangian Duals
Marcelo Cordova, Welington de Oliveira, Claudia Sagastizábal

Global Optimization

Computing mixed strategies equilibria in presence of switching costs by the solution of nonconvex QP problems
Giampaolo Liuzzi, Marco Locatelli, Veronica Piccialli, Stefan Rass

Testing Copositivity via Mixed-Integer Linear Programming
Kurt Anstreicher

The Magic of Nash Social Welfare in Optimization: Do Not Sum, Just Multiply!
Hadi Charkhgard, Kimia Keshanian, Rasul Esmaeilbeigi, Parisa Charkhgard

Continuous Cubic Formulations for Cluster Detection Problems in Networks
Vladimir Stozhkov, Austin Buchanan, Sergiy Butenko, Vladimir Boginski

Integer Programming

A Classifier to Decide on the Linearization of Mixed-Integer Quadratic Problems in CPLEX
Pierre Bonami, Andrea Lodi, Giulia Zarpellon

A Polyhedral Approach to Bisubmodular Function Minimization
Qimeng Yu, Simge Kucukyavuz

A Combinatorial Cut-and-Lift Procedure with an Application to 0-1 Chance Constraints
Margarita P Castro, Andre A Cire, J. Christopher Beck

Strong Relaxations for Continuous Nonlinear Programs Based on Decision Diagrams
Danial Davarnia

Orbital Conflict: Cutting Planes for Symmetric Integer Programs
Jeff Linderoth, Jose Nunez-Ares, James Ostrowski, Fabrizio Rossi, Stefano Smriglio

Polyhedral Approximation Strategies in Nonconvex Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming
Andreas Lundell, Jan Kronqvist

Properties of time transformed mixed-integer optimal control problems
Sebastian Sager, Manuel Tetschke

The SCIP Optimization Suite 7.0
Gerald Gamrath, Daniel Anderson, Ksenia Bestuzheva, Wei-Kun Chen, Leon Eifler, Maxim Gasse, Patrick Gemander, Ambros Gleixner, Leona Gottwald, Katrin Halbig, Gregor Hendel, Christopher Hojny, Thorsten Koch, Pierre Le Bodic, Stephen J. Maher, Frederic Matter, Matthias Miltenberger, Erik Mühmer, Benjamin Müller, Marc E. Pfetsch, Franziska Schlösser, Felipe Serrano, Shinano Yuji, Christine Tawfik, Stefan Vigerske, Fabian Wegscheider, Dieter Weninger, Jakob Witzig

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Projection and rescaling algorithm for finding most interior solutions to polyhedral conic systems
Javier Pena, Negar Soheili

A note on the Lasserre hierarchy for different formulations of the maximum independent set problem
Miguel Anjos, Youssouf Emine, Andrea Lodi, Zhao Sun

Bregman primal–dual first-order method and application to sparse semidefinite programming
Xin Jiang, Lieven Vandenberghe

On the symmetry of induced norm cones
Michael Orlitzky

Network Optimization

The Star Degree Centrality Problem: A Benders Decomposition Approach
Mustafa C. Camur, Thomas C. Sharkey, Chrysafis Vogiatzis

Nonlinear Optimization

Properties of the delayed weighted gradient method
Roberto Andreani, Marcos Raydan

On optimality conditions for nonlinear conic programming
Roberto Andreani, Walter Gómez, Gabriel Haeser, Leonardo M. Mito, Alberto Ramos

Constraint Qualifications for Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions in Constrained Multiobjective Optimization
Gabriel Haeser, Alberto Ramos

Complexity iteration analysis for stongly convex multi-objective optimization using a Newton path-following procedure
Elhoucine Bergou, Youssef Diouane, Vyacheslav Kungurtsev

Expected complexity analysis of stochastic direct-search
Kwassi Joseph Dzahini

Variance Reduction of Stochastic Gradients Without Full Gradient Evaluation
Florian Jarre, Felix Lieder

Implicit steepest descent algorithm for optimization with orthogonality constraints
Harry Oviedo

Projected-Search Methods for Bound-Constrained Optimization
Michael W Ferry, Philip E Gill, Elizabeth Wong, Minxin Zhang

On the convergence of the classical safeguarded augmented Lagrangian method and a new primal-dual strategy
R. Andreani, A. R. V. Cárdenas, A. Ramos, A. Ribeiro, L. D. Secchin

Robust Optimization

A Distributionally Robust Optimization Approach for a Stochastic Mobile Facility Routing and Scheduling Problem
Karmel Shehadeh

Stochastic Programming

Distribution-free Algorithms for Learning Enabled Predictive Stochastic Programming
Shuotao Diao, Suvrajeet Sen

Optimal Power Flow in Distribution Networks under N-1 Disruptions: A Multi-stage Stochastic Programming Approach
Haoxiang Yang, Harsha Nagarajan

Chi-Optimization - Novel Approach for Optimization under Uncertainty with Application on Forecast- and Decision Problems
Uwe Kuss

Distributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Programs with Right-Hand Side Uncertainty under Wasserstein Ambiguity
Nam Ho-Nguyen, Fatma Kılınç-Karzan, Simge Küçükyavuz, Dabeen Lee

Distributionally Robust Optimization under Distorted Expectations
Jun Cai, Jonathan Yu-Meng Li, Tiantian Mao

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