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Optimization Online Digest — February 2021

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Minimizing Delays of Patient Transports with Incomplete Information including Covid-19 Requirements
Dennis Adelhütte, Kristin Braun, Frauke Liers, Sebastian Tschuppik

A Framework for Multi-stage Bonus Allocation in Meal-Delivery Platform
Li Wang, Zhuolin Wu

Data Privacy in Bid-Price Control for Network Revenue Management
Utku Karaca, Ş. İlker Birbil, Nurşen Aydın , Gizem Mullaoğlu

Edge Minimizing the Student Conflict Graph
Joshua S. Friedman

Optimal Hospital Care Scheduling During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
Josh D’Aeth, Shubhechyya Ghosal, Fiona Grimm, David Haw, Esma Koca, Krystal Lau, Huikang Liu, Stefano Moret, Dheeya Rizmie, Peter Smith, Giovanni Forchini, Marisa Miraldo, Wolfram Wiesemann

A Comparative Study of Stability Representations for Solving Many-to-One Matching Problems with Ties and Incomplete Lists via Integer Optimization
Pitchaya Wiratchotisatian, Andrew C Trapp, Hoda Atef Yekta

Applications — Science and Engineering

Scalable Inference of Sparsely-changing Markov Random Fields with Strong Statistical Guarantees
Salar Fattahi, Andres Gomez

UAV Formation Shape Control via Decentralized Markov Decision Processes
Md Ali Azam, Hans D Mittelmann, Shankarachary Ragi

Optimizing Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Weiyu Li, Brian Denton, Todd Morgan

A Novel Cooperative Multi-search Benders Decomposition for Solving the Hydrothermal Unit-Commitment Problem
Bruno Colonetti, Erlon Finardi, Paulo Larroyd, Felipe Beltrán

Robust Optimization in Nanoparticle Technology Exemplified by Means of a Residence Time Reactor
Jana Dienstbier, Kevin-Martin Aigner, Jan Rolfes, Wolfgang Peukert, Doris Segets, Lukas Pflug, Frauke Liers

Path Planning and Network Optimization for UAV Swarms for Multi-Target Tracking
Shawon Dey, Hans D Mittelmann, Shankarachary Ragi

A General Framework for Optimal Control of Fractional Nonlinear Delay Systems by Wavelets
Malmir Iman

Combinatorial Optimization

An adaptive and near parameter-free BRKGA using Reinforcement Learning
Antonio Chaves, Luiz Henrique Lorena

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Variants of the A-HPE and large-step A-HPE algorithms for strongly convex problems with applications to accelerated high-order tensor methods
M. Marques Alves

Sparse Approximations with Interior Point Methods
Valentina De Simone, Daniela di Serafino, Jacek Gondzio, Spyridon Pougkakiotis, Marco Viola

Global Optimization

Decomposing Optimization-Based Bounds Tightening Problems Via Graph Partitioning
Michael Bynum, Anya Castillo, Bernard Knueven, Carl Laird, John Siirola, Jean-Paul Watson

Beyond local optimality conditions: the case of maximizing a convex function
Aharon Ben-Tal, Ernst Roos

Infinite Dimensional Optimization

Recent Advances in Nonconvex Semi-infinite Programming: Applications and Algorithms
Hatim Djelassi, Alexander Mitsos, Oliver Stein

Integer Programming

Learning Symbolic Expressions: Mixed-Integer Formulations, Cuts, and Heuristics
Jongeun Kim, Sven Leyffer, Prasanna Balaprakash

Scaling Up Exact Neural Network Compression by ReLU Stability
Thiago Serra, Abhinav Kumar, Srikumar Ramalingam

Decomposition Methods for Global Solutions of Mixed-Integer Linear Programs
Kaizhao Sun, Mou Sun, Wotao Yin

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

How do exponential size solutions arise in semidefinite programming?
Gabor Pataki, Aleksandr Touzov

Nonlinear Optimization

Implicit Regularization of Sub-Gradient Method in Robust Matrix Recovery: Don't be Afraid of Outliers
Jianhao Ma, Salar Fattahi

Cutting Plane Generation Through Sparse Principal Component Analysis
Santanu S. Dey, Aleksandr M. Kazachkov, Andrea Lodi, Gonzalo Muñoz

Scalable Subspace Methods for Derivative-Free Nonlinear Least-Squares Optimization
Coralia Cartis, Lindon Roberts

An inexact successive quadratic approximation method for a class of difference-of-convex optimization problems
Tianxiang Liu, Akiko Takeda

Direct-Search for a Class of Stochastic Min-Max Problems
Sotiris Anagnostidis, Aurelien Lucchi, Youssef Diouane

On the Numerical Performance of Derivative-Free Optimization Methods Based on Finite-Difference Approximations
Hao-Jun Shi, Melody Xuan, Figen Oztoprak, Jorge Nocedal

Robust Optimization

Optimal Transport in the Face of Noisy Data
Bart Paul Gerard Van Parys

An adaptive robust optimization model for parallel machine scheduling
Izack Cohen, Krzysztof Postek, Shimrit Shtern

Other Topics

Solving set-valued optimization problems using a multiobjective approach
Gabriele Eichfelder, Stefan Rocktäschel

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