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Optimization Online Digest — August 2021

Applications — OR and Management Sciences

Multi-criteria Course Mode Selection and Classroom Assignment Under Sudden Space Scarcity
Mehran Navabi-Shirazi, Mohamed El Tonbari, Natashia Boland, Dima Nazzal, Lauren Steimle

Decision Intelligence for Nationwide Ventilator Allocation
Jiajun Xu, Sen Suvrajeet

Increasing Driver Flexibility through Personalized Menus and Incentives in Ridesharing and Crowdsourced Delivery Platforms
Hannah Horner, Jennifer Pazour, John E. Mitchell

Linear Control Policies for Online Vehicle Relocation in Shared Mobility Systems
Yasuhiro Yoshida, Yuichi Takano

An Analysis of Structured Optimal Policies for Hypertension Treatment Planning: The Tradeoff Between Optimality and Interpretability
Gian-Gabriel Garcia, Lauren Steimle, Wesley Marrero, Jeremy Sussman

A two-objective optimization of ship itineraries for a cruise company
Gianni Di Pillo, Marcello Fabiano, Stefano Lucidi, Massimo Roma

A Branch and Price Algorithm for the Heterogeneous Fleet Multi-depot Multi-trip Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Munise Kubra Sahin, Hande Yaman

Energy-efficient Automated Vertical Farms
Maxence Delorme, Alberto Santini

Appointment Scheduling for Medical Diagnostic Centers considering Time-sensitive Pharmaceuticals: A Dynamic Robust Optimization Approach
Mohammad Mahdavi Mazdeh, Mohammad Namakshenas, Aleida Braaksma, Mahdi Heydari

The probabilistic travelling salesman problem with crowdsourcing
Alberto Santini, Ana Viana, Xenia Klimentova, Joao Pedro Pedroso

Learning Optimal Prescriptive Trees from Observational Data
Nathanael Jo, Sina Aghaei, Andrés Gómez, Phebe Vayanos

A decomposition approach for integrated locomotive scheduling and driver rostering in rail freight transport
Andreas Bärmann, Alexander Martin, Jonasz Staszek

Applications — Science and Engineering

Designing reliable future energy systems by iteratively including extreme periods in time-series aggregation
Holger Teichgraeber, Lucas Elias Kuepper, Adam Brandt

Developments in mathematical algorithms and computational tools for proton CT and particle therapy treatment planning
Yair Censor, E. Keith Schubert, W. Reinhard Schulte

Linearizing Bilinear Products of Shadow Prices and Dispatch Variables in Bilevel Problems for Optimal Power System Planning
Nicholas Laws, Grani Hanasusanto

Combinatorial Optimization

Solving Graph Partitioning on Sparse Graphs: Cuts, Projections, and Extended Formulations
Demetrios Papazaharias, Jose Walteros

Interdicting Low-Diameter Cohesive Subgroups in Large-Scale Social Networks
Niloufar Daemi, Juan Borrero, Balabhaskar Balasundaram

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

Fixed point and coincidence problems of set-valued mappings via regularity in metric spaces
Huu Tron Nguyen

Exact Convergence Rates of Alternating Projections for Nontransversal Intersections
Hiroyuki Ochiai, Yoshiyuki Sekiguchi, Hayato Waki

On Properties of Univariate Max Functions at Local Maximizers
Tim Mitchell, Michael L. Overton

A New Insight on Augmented Lagrangian Method and Its Extensions
Jianchao Bai

Subgradient methods near active manifolds: saddle point avoidance, local convergence, and asymptotic normality
Damek Davis, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Liwei Jiang

A Different Perspective on the Stochastic Convex Feasibility Problem
James Renegar, Song Zhou

A Derivation of Nesterov's Accelerated Gradient Algorithm from Optimal Control Theory
Isaac Ross

Integer Programming

A Reformulation Technique to Solve Polynomial Optimization Problems with Separable Objective Functions of Bounded Integer Variables
Pitchaya Wiratchotisatian, Andrew Trapp

Projective Cutting Planes for General QP with Indicator Constraints
Ulf Friedrich, Dennis Kreber

Efficient Joint Object Matching via Linear Programming
Antonio De Rosa, Aida KHAJAVIRAD

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming

Solving Cut-Generating Linear Programs via Machine Learning
Atefeh Rajabalizadeh, Danial Davarnia

Network Optimization

On fault-tolerant low-diameter clusters in graphs
Yajun Lu, Hosseinali Salemi, Balabhaskar Balasundaram, Austin Buchanan

Nonlinear Optimization

QCQP with Extra Constant Modulus Constraints: Theory and Applications on QoS Constrained Hybrid Beamforming for mmWave MU-MIMO
Xin He

An abstract convergence framework with application to inertial inexact forward-backward methods
Silvia Bonettini, Peter Ochs, Marco Prato, Simone Rebegoldi

On Piecewise Linear Approximations of Bilinear Terms: Structural Comparison of Univariate and Bivariate Mixed-Integer Programming Formulations
Andreas Bärmann, Robert Burlacu, Lukas Hager, Thomas Kleinert

Worst-case evaluation complexity of derivative-free nonmonotone line search methods for solving nonlinear systems of equations
Geovani Grapiglia, Flávia Chorobura

Time-Domain Decomposition for Mixed-Integer Optimal Control Problems
Falk M. Hante, Richard Krug, Martin Schmidt

SABRINA: A Stochastic Subspace Majorization-Minimization Algorithm
Jean-Baptiste Fest, Emilie Chouzenoux

Two limited-memory optimization methods with minimum violation of the previous quasi-Newton equations
Jan Vlček, Ladislav Lukšan

Robust Optimization

Extremal Probability Bounds in Combinatorial Optimization
Divya Padmanabhan, Selin Damla Ahipasaoglu, Arjun Ramachandra, Karthik Natarajan

Stochastic Programming

The Sharpe predictor for fairness in machine learning
Suyun Liu, Luis Nunes Vicente

Accelerated Stochastic Peaceman-Rachford Method for Empirical Risk Minimization
Jianchao Bai, Fengmiao Bian, Xiaokai Chang, Lin Du

Scenario Consensus Algorithms for Solving Stochastic and Dynamic Problems
Felipe Lagos

Other Topics

Linear relaxation based branch-and-bound for multi-objective integer programming with warm-starting
Nicolas Forget, Sune Lauth Gadegaard, Lars Relund Nielsen

Equilibrium points of bimatrix games using bilinear and linear programming
Somdeb Lahiri

On implementation details and numerical experiments for the HyPaD algorithm to solve multi-objective mixed-integer convex optimization problems
Gabriele Eichfelder, Leo Warnow

A hybrid patch decomposition approach to compute an enclosure for multi-objective mixed-integer convex optimization problems
Gabriele Eichfelder, Leo Warnow

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