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OR Counterparts to AI Planning

Robert Fourer (4er***at***iems.nwu.edu)

Abstract: The term Planning is not used in Operations Research in the sense that is most common in Artifcial Intelligence. AI Planning does have many features in common with OR scheduling, sequencing, routing, and assignment problems, however. Current approaches to solving such problems can be broadly classified into four areas: Combinatorial Optimization, Integer Programming, Constraint Programming, and Local Search. These areas have developed somewhat independently; they have characteristic strengths and weaknesses, and have been commercially developed to varying degrees.

Keywords: planning, artificial intelligence, operations research, integer programming, constraint programming

Category 1: Integer Programming

Category 2: Optimization Software and Modeling Systems

Citation: In Constraints and AI Planning: Papers from the AAAI Workshop, Alexander Nareyek, ed., Technical Report WS-00-02 (AAAI Press, 2000) 1-6.

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Entry Submitted: 08/22/2000
Entry Last Modified: 08/22/2000

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