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Re-Optimization of Signaling Transfer Points

Arie M.C.A. Koster (koster***at***zib.de)

Abstract: In this paper we describe the results of a computational study towards the (re)optimization of signaling transfer points (STPs) in telecommunication networks. The best performance of an STP is achieved whenever the traffic load is evenly distributed among the internal components. Due to the continuously changing traffic pattern, the load of the components has to be re-optimized on a regular basis. Besides the balancing objective also the number of rearrangements have to be taken into account. In this paper we present two alternative formulations to deal with both requirements. Computational results show that for both formulations (near) optimal solutions can be obtained within reasonable time limits.

Keywords: Telecommunications, Modeling, Integer Programming

Category 1: Applications -- OR and Management Sciences (Telecommunications )

Category 2: Integer Programming

Citation: ZIB-Report 00-18, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB), May 2000

Download: [Postscript]

Entry Submitted: 01/18/2001
Entry Accepted: 01/18/2001
Entry Last Modified: 01/18/2001

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