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New Versions of Interior Point Methods Applied to the Optimal Power Flow Problem

Edgardo Daniel Castronuovo (edcastronuovo***at***yahoo.com)
Roberto Salgado (salgado***at***labspot.ufsc.br)
Jorge Mario Campagnolo (campagno***at***labspot.ufsc.br)

Abstract: Interior Point methods for Nonlinear Programming have been extensively used to solve the Optimal Power Flow problem. These optimization algorithms require the solution of a set of nonlinear equations to obtain the optimal solution of the power network equations. During the iterative process to solve these equations, the search for the optimum is based on the combination of two directions: the affine-scaling and the centralization. In this work, it is shown that the suitable combination of these directions can increase the potential of the optimization algorithm in terms of speed and reliability. Real size and test networks are used to assess the performance of the presented methods.

Keywords: Interior Point Methods, Nonlinear Programming, Nonlinear Systems, Optimal Power Flow, Optimization Methods, Power Systems, Electrical Enginnering.

Category 1: Applications -- Science and Engineering (Other )

Category 2: Nonlinear Optimization (Constrained Nonlinear Optimization )

Citation: Proceedings of the IEEE/PES T&D 2002 Latin America. March 18 to 22, 2002, São Paulo, Brazil

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 11/27/2001
Entry Accepted: 11/27/2001
Entry Last Modified: 11/27/2001

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