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A sequential convexification method (SCM) for continuous global optimization

Wenxing Zhu (wxzhu***at***fzu.edu.cn)

Abstract: A new method for continuous global minimization problems, acronymed SCM, is introduced. This method gives a simple transformation to convert the original objective function to an auxiliary function with gradually fewer local minimizers. All Local minimizers except a prefixed one of the auxiliary function is in the region where the function value of the original objective function is lower than a current minimal value. We use BFGS local optimizer with an inexact line search method to minimize the auxiliary function to find a local minimizer at which the original objective function value is lower than the current minimal value. Numerical experiments on a set of standard test problems with several problems' dimensions up to 50 show that our algorithm is efficient comparing with other global optimization methods.

Keywords: Global minimization, sequential convexification method, auxiliary function, fewer local minimizers

Category 1: Global Optimization

Citation: Technical Report, 06/2001 Department of Computer Science Fuzhou University Fuzhou 350002 P.R. China


Entry Submitted: 12/13/2001
Entry Accepted: 12/13/2001
Entry Last Modified: 10/11/2002

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