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Optimizing Preventive Maintenance Models

Michael Bartholomew-Biggs (matqmb***at***herts.ac.uk)
Bruce Christianson (comqbc***at***herts.ac.uk)
Ming Zuo (ming.zuo***at***ualberta.ca)

Abstract: We deal with the problem of scheduling preventive maintenance (PM) by minimizing a performance function which reflects repair and replacement costs as well as the costs of the PM itself. It is assumed that there is a known model which predicts the frequency of system failure as a function of its age; and it is further assumed that each PM produces a step reduction in the


Category 1: Global Optimization (Applications )

Category 2: Applications -- OR and Management Sciences (Scheduling )

Citation: TR 336, Numerical Optimisation Centre, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, AL10 9AB, U.K.

Download: [Postscript]

Entry Submitted: 06/29/2004
Entry Accepted: 06/30/2004
Entry Last Modified: 06/29/2004

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