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Optimization of forming load and variables in deep drawing process for automotive cup using Genetic Algorithm

Ganesh Kakandikar(kakandikar***at***yahoo.co.in)
Vilas Nandedkar(vilas.nandedkar***at***gmail.com)

Abstract: Sheet metal forming is a significant manufacturing process for producing a large variety of automotive parts and aerospace parts as well as consumer products. Deep drawing is a compression-tension forming process involving wide spectrum of operations and flow conditions. The result of the process depends on the large number of parameters and their interdependence. With the developments in the technology the design of deep drawing is an art than science still today .It depends on the knowledge and experience of the design engineer only. The selection of various parameters is still based on trial and error methods. In this paper the authors presents a new approach to optimize the geometry parameters of circular components, process parameters such as blank holder pressure and coefficient of friction etc. The optimization problem has been formulated with the objective of optimizing the maximum forming load required in deep drawing. Genetic algorithm is used for the optimization purpose to minimize the drawing load and to optimize the process parameters. A finite element analysis simulation software fast form advanced is used for the validations of the results after optimization. The results obtained for the automotive cup shows the potential interest of the proposed approach.

Keywords: Sheet metal forming, Deep drawing, Genetic algorithm, Optimization,

Category 1: Applications -- Science and Engineering (Mechanical Engineering )

Category 2: Applications -- Science and Engineering (Mechanical Engineering )

Citation: M.E mechanical CAD/CAM Disseratation Nov.2005 s.G.G.S.Institute of Engineering & Technology Vishnupuri, Nanded.Maharashtra State India

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Entry Submitted: 03/06/2007
Entry Accepted: 03/06/2007
Entry Last Modified: 03/06/2007

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