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A Polyhedral Approach to the Single Row Facility Layout Problem

Adam Letchford (A.N.Letchford***at***lancaster.ac.uk)
Andre Amaral (amaral***at***inf.ufes.br)

Abstract: The Single Row Facility Layout Problem (SRFLP) is the problem of arranging facilities of given lengths on a line, while minimizing a weighted sum of the distances between all pairs of facilities. The SRFLP is strongly NP-hard and includes the well-known linear arrangement problem as a special case. We perform the first ever polyhedral study of the SRFLP. As well as describing several classes of valid and facet-inducing inequalities, we point out an interesting connection to the well-known cut cone. These theoretical results are then used to design a cutting plane algorithm. The computational results are encouraging.

Keywords: facility layout, linear arrangement, polyhedral combinatorics

Category 1: Integer Programming

Category 2: Combinatorial Optimization

Citation: A.R.S. Amaral & A.N. Letchford (2013) A polyhedral approach to the single-row facility layout problem. Math. Program., 141, 453-477.


Entry Submitted: 03/14/2008
Entry Accepted: 03/14/2008
Entry Last Modified: 11/05/2013

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