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A nonmonotone truncated Newton-Krylov method exploiting negative curvature directions, for large scale unconstrained optimization: complete results

Giovanni Fasano(fasano***at***unive.it)
Stefano Lucidi(Stefano.Lucidi***at***dis.uniroma1.it)

Abstract: We propose a new truncated Newton method for large scale unconstrained optimization, where a Conjugate Gradient (CG)-based technique is adopted to solve Newton's equation. In the current iteration, the Krylov method computes a pair of search directions: the first approximates the Newton step of the quadratic convex model, while the second is a suitable negative curvature direction. A test based on the quadratic model of the objective function is used to select the most promising between the two search directions. Both the latter selection rule and the CG stopping criterion for approximately solving Newton's equation, strongly rely on conjugacy conditions. An appropriate linesearch technique is adopted for each search direction: a nonmonotone stabilization is used with the approximate Newton step, while an Armijo type linesearch is used for the negative curvature direction. We prove both the global and the superlinear convergence to stationary points satisfying second order necessary conditions. We carry out a significant numerical experience in order to test our proposal.

Keywords: Truncated Newton methods, Conjugate directions, negative curvatures, nonmonotone stabilization technique, second order necessary conditions

Category 1: Nonlinear Optimization (Unconstrained Optimization )

Citation: National Research Center for Ships and Marine Systems - INSEAN, Technical Report 2008-035/rt

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 09/04/2008
Entry Accepted: 09/04/2008
Entry Last Modified: 09/04/2008

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