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Test problems for quasi-satellite packing: Cylinders packing with behavior constraints and all the optimal solutions known

Chao Che (chechao101***at***163.com)
Yi-shou Wang (tenghf***at***dlut.edu.cn)
Hong-fei Teng (tenghf***at***dlut.edu.cn)

Abstract: This paper presents seven test problems with all the optimal solutions known on the background of the layout optimization problem of a simplified international communication satellite module, aiming to evaluate the algorithm performance on solving three-dimensional packing problem with behavior constraints. The test problems are constructed in the following step. First, place N (=217) cylinders of different size within a big cylindrical container such that the cylinders are tangent to each other or touch the container. Then, sort the cylinders in descending sequence and divide them into q=23 groups according to radius. At last, we choose seven groups (q=1,2,,7) of cylinders to construct test problems (Nmax=49) with all the optimal solutions known. User can select the test problem with different number of cylinders (Nmax≤49) according to the algorithm performance. Also the cylinder number of the test problem can be increased by the proposed construction method.

Keywords: cylinder packing; test problem; behavior constraint; layout optimization; satellite module

Category 1: Combinatorial Optimization (Meta Heuristics )


Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 09/21/2008
Entry Accepted: 09/24/2008
Entry Last Modified: 10/13/2008

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